Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What's In Season

I thought I'd do a quick rundown of what we're eating right now.  Last weekend, Jonathan and I went out and picked some snow peas.  He ended up eating two-thirds of the bowl. 

I've grown 'snowbird' for the past three years and it always seems to produce a ton of pods each spring.

The broccoli is about ready as well.

I tend to get smaller crowns in the spring.  The fall ones are usually twice this size.  I've grown 'Bonanza' for the past couple of years and it has proven to be very reliable from germination to harvest.  Unfortunately, I haven't seen this variety for sale lately and my seed stash is running low so this might be the last year I'll be growing it.

My 'Winter Density' lettuce was on the verge of bolting so I picked it.  It has a slight bitter edge now but not too bad.

Finally, 'Hakurei' are my favorite turnips to eat.  They are very mild, sweet and perfect simple steamed with a bit of butter or sauteed.


  1. Beautiful harvest, and cute garden helper! Your broccoli is just lovely, as are your turnips. I've failed on turnips two years in a row, so gave up on them!

  2. Let one of the broccoli go to seed. Mine went to seed last year and I got a bunch of seeds off of it.

  3. Beautiful. I've been pulling a couple of turnips this week too. I've loved every Japanese turnip that I've ever planted. I mostly eat them raw though. Occasionally cooked.

  4. Jonathan knows what's good....fresh snow peas!! Everything is looking good as always Thomas!

  5. Wonderful harvest! I haven't tried planting turnips yet but might do that in the fall.

  6. What Peggi said. Let a couple of your broccoli go to seed. You won't lose anything if they don't grow next year, and if they do, you'll become self sufficient in your favorite broccoli.

    Jonathan is a smart young man. He's growing! :o)

    P.S. I did find them advertised on the Burpee website.

  7. Mmmm, raw snow peas are irresistible! You have been eating quite well from the garden.

    Have you tried Mother Earth News's seed finder? A quick search there shows that Burpee carries Bonanza broccoli.

  8. Thomas, when do you start your fall broccoli crop and when do you plant it out? I'd love to have a second crop here on Colorado's front range, but not sure if I can with the intense summer heat we get.

  9. Great harvest! Freshly harvested peas always taste their best.

  10. Gorgeous peas (I would have ate most of them in there in the garden too Jonathan!) and the broccoli and turnips are beautiful too. My turnips all bolted this spring for some reason and my broccoli is just about done for the spring season. I will be starting flats of broccoli and cabbage starts on Sunday which will be the fall crop so the duration of waiting will not be that long - in the meantime the summer crops are coming on and will keep us in more than enough produce.