Monday, June 11, 2012

Our Raised Beds

These pictures are outdated at this point but here's an idea of what we have planted in the raised beds behind our unit.  The largest one closest to the house contains most of my tomatoes, all of my peppers, some cucumbers and bush beans.  I'm not growing nearly as many tomatoes as I used to but I still think that we'll have enough to suit our needs.

I was hoping that, like the slugs, the cucumber beetles here would not be as bad as they were at the old garden.  Unfortunately, they are even WORSE and it'll be interesting to see whether I'll be able to get a decent cucumber harvest this year.

I also have some container tomatoes this years.  Orange Blossom is the lone early determinate tomato I'm growing this year.  I figured it would be best suited for container growing.

In addition to these, we have melons and zucchini planted behind our house.  And as the spring greens and veggies clear out, I'll plant our falls veggies starting in late July.

I still find it fascinating to think that these little flowers result in something as amazingly delicious as an heirloom tomato.


  1. The cucumber beetles have done a number on my cucumbers and squash. I covered by cucumbers with tulle; since then they have taken off and are actually flowering now...about 2 weeks after their expected harvest date! smh.

  2. You have a very pretty garden, as usual, but certainly different from the previous one!

  3. My cucumbers never had a chance ....they were eaten up before the got 6 inches long :0(

  4. Things are looking pretty healthy, Good luck with your cucumbers!

  5. I don't have anything on the cukes yet but i expect the insects to come marching in any day now. The beds look fantastic!