Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Citrus Experiment

Last month, I came across a sour orange at the supermarket and an idea stuck me.  From what I've read, most citrus root stock is grown from sour oranges - what variety, I do not know but I thought it would be fun to grow my own citrus root stock from seed and then try my hand at grafting.  I've been itching to broaden my gardening skills.

Two seeds have since sprouted.  I think it will be at least a year before this seedling is old enough for me use.  


  1. Awesome idea! I never thought about growing citrus from seed. Maybe I can try it with Pomelo next winter and see if they'll take.

  2. Very cool Thomas! I just sprouted some avocados. Debating on whether to plant them outside or keep them in. It's so warm in England compared to New England. Still adjusting to the difference in what I can grow!

  3. Be careful of the soil/mix that you plant them in. From my experience, everything loves to attack them, especially scales, which are just plain bizarre.

  4. What a great experiment. Can't wait to see how they do.

  5. I started a bunch of citrus from seed this winter. I saved up some of the seeds from my vacaton to florida, and they're all doing well so far. I want to do some grafting as well.