Saturday, September 19, 2009

Today's Harvest

red radishes 2
This morning I went out into the garden and harvested some red globe radishes. As I pulled them up, I was glad to find that they were in pretty good condition - no insect damage whatsoever. I have to admit, I don't even remember the last time I ate a radish. They're not that high up on my list of favorite vegetables. I ended up giving this bunch to my sister-in-law who was visiting for the day.

red radishes 1
Once washed, I was amazed by their color! Talk about in your face - they seemed to radiate a kind of natural florescence. I hope they end up tasting as good as they look. I am excepting a bigger harvest in this upcoming week.

mesclun harvest
I also harvested a BIG bowl of mesclun greens for lunch. Picked and then eaten within an hour - doesn't get much fresher than this. They were delicious! Spicy, lemony and almost wild tasting. I served them with some homemade quiche lorraine. I will definitely be growing this again next year. Even my 2 year old son liked it. (He won't go near cake, but he'll reach for this oddly enough.)

mesclun harvest 2
As you can see, I harvested about half of what I have growing in the garden. Hopefully, it will regrow quickly and I'll be able to get a couple more cuttings after this.


  1. My fall mesclun gave me many, many cuttings last year (it's rabbit greens at our house). Some of it actually overwintered and began growing by the time we returned home in the spring. I grew a 3'x4' bed of it, and harvested about 1/4th at a time.

  2. Gorgeous. I love the crunch of radishes, and had a superb salad recently at Frankie's in Brooklyn: a vinaigrette made with lemon zest, 'melted' anchovy, lemon juice and then the usual oil, etc. Poured over longways-cut radishes.

  3. You owe yourself a treat from tasting those radishes...if you like peppery crunchy greens like mesclun, i'm pretty sure you'd like those beautiful radishes. I made a radish sandwich for lunch today after reading this post!

  4. Oh that radishes are beautiful! My husband doesn't like to eat store bought mixed lettuces anymore, home grown is the best.

  5. Wow, those radishes & greens look great! I'm still waiting on mine to grow...

  6. I love your pretty radishes. I forgot to plant them this fall! Though I'm not a big fan of them alone, I do love them in my salads and stirfries.