Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fall Garden Update

tatsoi beets 3
clockwise from top: beans, beets and tatsoi

Now that a good chunk of the garden construction is done, I thought I'd do a quick post on what's growing and what I'd like to accomplish this month. Ok, so here's what's happening:

- In the past week, I've transplanted all of the seedlings that I started back in July, including a bunch of beets and asian greens (tatsoi, pac choy and flowering brassica), 8 bean plants (which have already begun to flower), 4 good looking zucchini plants, and 2 broccoli plants ( 2 were accidentially decapitated during the process). I also transplanted my peas and lettuce, neither of which are looking very happy in this hot weather.

- In the past week, I also direct-sowed all of my carrots (nantes and napoli), my remaining beets, peas and beans, and a couple rows of radishes. I'd purchased my napoli carrot seeds pelleted, which makes them look like little tapioca pearls and very easy to handle. Already, the beets and radishes have started to emerge. I feel like we'll be buried in beets this fall, which ironically is the one vegetable that only I like.

- This week, I want to put in my remaining raised beds (I've constructed 12 thus far) and sow more asian greens, lettuce and some hakerei turnips. Also, I'd like to install my garden door, which is still a work in process in my basement.

- Finally, by the end of this month, I plan on preparing the remainder of my garden plot and have it sown with my fall green manure mix. I'd also like to order some winter-hardy (or should I say 'hardier') greens from Johnny's Selected Seeds.



  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, I will definitely be coming back here to visit :)
    Your photographs are stunning!

  2. thomas!
    i love your blog...one day i will have a yard and garden, and i will most certainly be seeking your sage advice (pun intended). ;-)