Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What Springs from Concrete

I love reading about all things green and tasty. Much of my downtime away from the garden is spent reading newspaper and magazine articles, online essays and books about home gardening, urban "greening", sustainable farming practices, agricultural history, modern food practices, traditional cuisines, etc. That being said, I thought I'd start posting links to some articles on such things I find interesting (and hopefully, others find interesting as well). Also, I would greatly welcome any reading suggestions you may have.

Anyhow, speaking of urban greening, I found this NY Times article today about a little flower garden that sprang up from a graffiti-ridden Brooklyn sidewalk. I love reading about individuals who take it upon themselves to create something beautiful out of something that's rundown and lifeless for everyone in the community to enjoy.

"A Verdant Spot Springs Forth From Concrete" - by Anne Rever, NY Times (August 5th, 2009)

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  1. I've enjoyed looking though your garden's progress...and hope to see more as it grows!