Friday, August 21, 2009

Freedom Gardens

Dig for Victory

A few days ago, I decided to join, which is a small but growing online social network of people who are interested in living a greener life. It was started by the Dervaes family, who gained worldwide attention a few years back for being urban homesteaders in Pasadena, California. They've been able to grow more than 6000 pounds of food annually on their 1/5 of an acre suburban home (which is amazing when you think about it) and currently raise goats, chickens and ducks. I have to say that this is probably one of the best online communities I've joined. There's plenty of great information and advise posted by members on the site and interesting groups/forums to join. Ultimately, without meaning to sound too political, I just like knowing that there are plenty of people out there who share similar values regarding our interaction with this world and who seek their own version of what Helen and Scott Nearing referred to as "The Good Life". Plus, it's also nice to see what some non-blogging gardeners are up to!

Another brief update on the garden: The fall planting of carrots, beets and peas are starting to emerge. Yesterday, I prepared another bed (8 total now, at least 4 more to go) and sowed some flowering brassica (Yu Choy Sum), hakurei turnips and mesclun mix. Also, I will hopefully get around to installing the garden door this weekend.

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