Sunday, June 24, 2012

What's in Season - End of Spring Harvest

It still amazes my that these small rather plain looking flowers become...

...THIS!  I really look forward to picking (and eating) fava beans each year.  They are probably up there with tomatoes on my list of most desired homegrown veggies.  My favas germinated incredibly well this year and have produced a good amount of beans. 

This past weekend, I walked by my shell peas noticed they needed to be picked as well.

My shell peas on the other hand did not germinate well for me.  But what did make it went on to produce a respectable number of pods.

I might be in the minority here but I like to pick my peas when they look like they are on the verge of bursting from their pods.  At this stage, they are starchier but I like them this way because they remind of the peas from my childhood...only they don't taste like a tin can.

The pickling cucumbers are rolling in as well.  I have a large bag of them in the fridge, which I need to turn asap into fresh dill pickles.

Ahhh, and yes, the first zucchini of the summer reared it head a few days ago.  I've cut down to two plants this year...more than enough for a family of three in my opinion.

Finally, a while back I did end up picking some sour cherries.  They were quite good on their own but some did make it onto an apple tart I made.


  1. Same experience here with peas this spring--terrible germination and a very slow start, but now covered with pods, even though they are still fairly short and stocky. Your post makes me feel better about it--like there was something about the New England weather rather than user error!

  2. You have cukes already. Mine were pretty much languishing until the hot weather hit. Then they started climbing. I'm hoping they will be big enough to start setting cukes soon.

  3. Everything looks fantastic as always, Thomas. :o)

  4. Everything looks great Thomas. My favas are doing well too!

    You sure are lucky to have those sour cherries. They are my favorite. I went to the orchard today and got a ton of them! Then I spent the day pitting!