Monday, June 25, 2012

Rugosa Rose

We have two beautiful and very fragrant white rugosa rose bushes outside of our townhouse.  There are a few nice pink ones around the development as well.  Once the flowers have faded, I think I'll try taking some green wood cuttings.  I might be mistaken but I think they root pretty readily.  The difficult thing will be handling the stems, which are absolutely covered with pin like thorns.  Tongs will surely come in handy.

I'm also looking forward to harvesting some rose hips this fall.  Rugosa roses (a member of the apple family) produce large edible hips.  Last year my former next door neighbor brought back from Poland some tasty cookies filled with rose hip jam.  I'm looking forward to making some of my own this year.


  1. Those spread rapidly on the sand dunes near the ocean here so I'm willing to bet they will root nicely for you! They are beautiful, especially covering a fence or hillside!

  2. Rugosa Roses are extremely hearty. I am always amazed to see them growing along the Maine coast in sandy soil, extreme wind, cold winters, and constant salt spray.