Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Growing Ginger - Update

My ginger sprouted.  It took about a month but eventually a small green shoot popped up from the potting soil.

At this point, two of the three rhizomes that I'd planted have sprouted.  I think it takes about a year for the plants to produce ginger of a size worth harvesting.


  1. I also planted a part of the ginger root that I got in the store and hope it will grow. It would be nice to have my own ginger next year.

  2. Thomas - Yeah - it takes about a year. But when you want to harvest, just dig down a little and cut off as much as you need. It is not necessary to dig up the whole plant anytime you need some of the ginger root :)

  3. I planted mine 2 weeks ago after I realised it started to sprout on the fridge :)) We'll see how it goes, but Dani's ideea is great, to just cut as much as you need. I'll surely do that :)

  4. THAT is super-duper COOL!

  5. Cool. A lot of the farmers who sell at farmer's markets in my area have started growing ginger. Last year was the first big season of it. We're still struggling to grow horseradish root worth harvesting so I think I'll hold off on the ginger for now :)