Thursday, February 23, 2012

Eliot Coleman

I came across an interesting article about Eliot Coleman and Barbara Damrosch yesterday in the New York Times. It's nice to see that these pioneers are still working hard and doing what they do best - winter gardening! What I found particularly interesting is the fact that they were able to gross $120,000 in sales from veggies grown on 1 1/2 acres (though all but $25,000 went back into operating costs). Still, it offers some hope for those who want make a living from micro-farming here in New England (a rather difficult proposition indeed).

"The Land that Keeps Giving" - New York Times, February 22, 2012

Be sure to check out the beautiful slideshow!


  1. Belle gave me Coleman's book on winter gardening for Christmas last year. I love it. Thanks for pointing out the article.

  2. Wow.. Thata a mighty profit. All I can vouch for is how much money I have saved on fresh vegetables since I have started gardening.

  3. That's very impressive! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. That was a great article. Thanks for pointing it out, Thomas!