Saturday, December 10, 2011

December Citrus Blossoms

It happens like clockwork each year. My Meyer lemon tree is blooming again. If all goes well, these will develop into lemons, 1 to 3 per cluster, and be ready for picking next fall.

The lemons on my new tree are taking a little longer than expected to ripen. They should be ready in about a week - just in time to make marmalade for the holidays.


  1. That's an adorable little tree. Good luck and enjoy the marmalade.

  2. How nice! I hope that my new tree blooms this year.

  3. I'm hoping to get a meyer lemon tree, where did you get yours? And how do the flowers get pollinated?

  4. Looks like my tree is on a slightly different schedule than yours - the last of its blooms just faded. I wish mine was old enough to carry a lemon - maybe next year.

  5. Wonderful! Every time I read about your citrus trees I think about where I could put a couple of my own. But then I consider the hassle of having to bring them inside for the winter...

    The recipients of your meyer lemon marmalade are lucky indeed!

  6. I was wondering how your Meyer Lemon was doing this year, because I remembered your images from last year. I had a big crop from my plant last December ( about 50 fruit), but this year, I have much less, about 15. Wondering if there was a problem, or if it it just taking a year off, after being repotted last spring.