Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Random Scenes from the End of June Garden - Part I

The beds are getting lush with green.

The side garden at a different angle.

The shell peas are plumping up.

The first fava (broad) beans are ready to be picked.

The crimson flower broad beans are still producing lots of blooms.

The Florence fennel is almost ready.

Another crop of soybeans has emerged.

The first zucchini of the year.

My zucchini plants appear much healthier this year than they did last year.

The savoy cabbage is taking its sweet time.


  1. Oh! your garden is so organized and weedless looking! Your zucchini plants look really happy!

  2. Thanks for the tour! I wish all of our plants were further along. I'm doing favas for food for the first time this year. I tried some small ones the other day, raw, and they were quite astringent. I hope they improve a bit. Or maybe they just need to be cooked?

  3. Wow, your garden is doing really well! Everything looks so tasty.

  4. Your Crimson favas are beautiful (well, your whole garden looks great). How closely planted are your other beans? They look much better than mine do right now!

  5. Your garden is spectacular! Such an inspiration for me -- I grow veggies on a very small scale right now... hope to do more in the future. You are quite an inspiration!

  6. What variety of zucchini are you growing?

    I'd like to grow fennel next year and read that it doesn't get along well with other veges. It looks like you have a separate shallow box set in your bed for the fennel?

  7. Everything looks so healthy and beautiful - the garden is really a testament to your caregiving of it.

    My poor zucchini are so behind schedule this year. I just hope they catch up with the more normal temps we are forecasted to enjoy starting Friday and lasting at least a few days this time before returning to abnormally cool.

  8. Everything is looking good Thomas! My savoy cabbage is taking it's sweet time as well.

    How's the groundhog hunting going??

  9. Everything looks great! You zucchini is looking very healthy. Mine is about half the size and no fruit yet.

  10. I picked the first pollinated zucchini this week. I was so happy. I'm sure after a few weeks the luster of it all will have worn off when I have too many.

    Your garden looks beautiful. It is very different from mine. Mine is a very vertical garden. Yours is more normal. I can't stand at one side and see across. Though your peas might block it all too, yours are on the edge. Mine are smack dab in the middle.

  11. No wonder you have unwanted visitors in there, those photos are incredibly beautiful! Nice garden, Thomas!

  12. Wow, your garden is so beautiful! My zucchini are also looking so much happier, and no stem bugs yet either. Unfortunately two of the plants have the white mildew on them, but they are still happy. Nothing much I can do about it now.

  13. Thanks for the tour, everything looks great! One would never guess from these photos that the evil ground hog was being so destructive. Speaking of which, never having encountered one I got curious and read up about them online, I didn't realize that they are rodents. Damn rodents...

  14. Thanks for your comments everyone!

    Veggie Garden Cook - I've never tasted them fact, I thought I read somewhere that they were a bit toxic that way...they are luscious cooked.

    Nartaya - I planted my favas about 4 inches apart but may switch to 6 next year. I think they would be more productive with the extra spacing.

    Elizabeth - the variety I'm growing black beauty. It's been very reliable for me.

    Robin - Still no luck!

  15. Thanks Thomas. Did you see my question about the fennel, "I'd like to grow fennel next year and read that it doesn't get along well with other veges. It looks like you have a separate shallow box set in your bed for the fennel?"