Thursday, May 6, 2010

The First Garden (Bad Photos Alert!)

I'm currently in Washington D.C. for work and of course had to check out the White House Kitchen Garden. Please forgive the less than spectacular photos, which were taken from my Blackberry. I would have loved to go on a White House tour, but since you have to book at least 6 months in advance, I had to enjoy the garden from afar...Oh well, hopefully next year.

The garden seemed smaller than I had expected but looked lush and healthy. To the right of the garden is a tall stack of bee hives.

The cynics can say whatever they want... to see the garden is to witness a truly beautiful thing to have come out of this administration.


  1. What a treat to be able to view the garden! I'll probably get myself in trouble over this (I try to stay clear of politics and religion on my blog and in my comments), but if there were fewer cynics, there might be more beautiful things coming from this administration.

  2. I'll stay away from political comments as well, but thanks for bringing us a wide view picture, it helps me envision the size of the garden better - safe travels back home!

  3. The photos look pretty good for a phone. Never used a blackberry before but I do own the stock.

    Further to your comment, I have had bean issues before as well. Last season I seeded three times before they grew. I didn't have beans climbing until mid June! This year I seeded two to a pot, in damp potting soil and germinated on a heat mat. Then outdoors under cover until planting time. It has worked great so far.

  4. Looks like a lot of grass. Well, we wrote to our congressman and are still in the running to get a White House tour over Memorial Day weekend. I'll take some pictures and try and send them to you.

    I do think it's fantastic what Mrs. Obama is trying to do. Although, it looks kind of small for a whole family.

  5. I think it is great that they are growing a garden and making sure it gets press. They are leading by example.

  6. Turling - I have a feeling that it looks deceptively small from far away. You'll have to tell me what it truly looks like up close!

  7. I love that the working kitchen garden is becoming more mainstream and having the President and his family embrace it just furthers that movement. Just think how much more could be done with that vast expanse of lawn! :D

  8. Thomas, great phone pics. I love that the White House has a Kitchen Garden. They are definately sourcing their food from less than 100 miles away!

    Dan, beans need a soil temperature of 60F to 75F to sprout. Sowing beans when the soil is too cold will just cause them to rot.


  9. I'm a big fan of the White House Kitchen garden! I can't imagine gardening in heels or anything First Lady worthy, but I'm impressed that she does! I'd love to get the opportunity to see it one day!