Sunday, April 25, 2010

This Week's Harvest - More Greens

Asian Greens and Chard Harvest
This past week, I harvested the last of my Shanghai bok choy, another head of mizuna and some overwintered Bright Lights Swiss chard. Surprisingly, one green missing from our spring harvest at the moment is lettuce. I would kill for some fresh cut-and-come-again salad mix straight from the garden. But alas, this is not meant to be. I will have to make sowing lettuce a top priority next February. And since my March sowings have gone nowhere, I broke down and purchased some red leaf lettuce (Red Sails) transplants a few days ago. (You do what you gotta do, right?)

Anyway, I harvested 1.80 lbs of greens this past week, which officially makes April the most productive month so far this year. Hopefully the numbers will begin to grow exponentially as the weather heats up.

radishes 3
In other news, the Easter Egg radishes are sizing up and should be ready in a few days. What I love about growing radishes during the cold/cool months is that you still get a quick harvest, despite the fact that the leaves don't get nearly as big as they do when you grow them during the warmer months. They also taste crispier and milder in my opinion. It will be nice to harvest something non-green for a change (which reminds me that I should have planted some Hakurei turnips back in early March as well).

Tuscan Kale
Finally, it looks like I can start to pick some leaves from the Tuscan kale. Kale is one of those amazing garden veggies that keeps on giving. Its best quality lies in the fact that it's one of the earliest to produce and the latest to give up. What more could you as for from a plant?

If you'd like to see what others are harvesting or want to show off your own, visit Harvest Mondays at Daphne's Dandelions.


  1. I must agree about the lettuce! I was harvesting romaine this time last year. The chard looks really good and nice it overwinter so well. Mine totally died even with it being in a tunnel.

    My onion spacing by the way is about as close as you would want them. If you spaced yours out more it will probably be for the better.

  2. Every week harvests are getting bigger and more colorful!
    Bright lights chard looks wonderful!

    My radishes are not as big, I have sown them rather late. I didn’t plan on sowing them at all, but then I found a packet of seeds from last year…

    When did you sow Tuscan Kale, sometime last fall? I have sown mine 2 weeks ago for winter harvest.

  3. Beautiful harvest! Your greens look so vibrant and fresh. Both harvested and in the garden bed.

    I like a lot those spring radishes with the small leaves. Mine are overgrown now. I need to plant some more. Yours look just right.

  4. My mesclun and Spring mix greens are just now to the point I can cut them and not demolish them... hopefully you will be able to soon!

  5. Lovely harvest. I forgot to plant my turnips in March too. I did it in the middle of April. I really hope they will grow well this late. I may have to wait until fall.

    It looks like your radishes are almost there. I've noticed my French Breakfast is starting to root up. I can't wait for a harvest from them.

  6. vrtlarica - I sowed my kale seed in early February.

  7. I need some of those transplants too, something has eaten all but one of my Red Sails heads, and it may be gone by brought me to tears the other day, seems as though we are all desperate for some freshly picked lettuce!

  8. Wow. The chard looks almost too good to eat.

  9. I wish I could send you some of my lettuce, it's growing faster than I can eat it!

    Your harvest looks absolutely beautiful, the colors of the chard stems are brilliant and all the greens are perfect. It almost looks too pretty to eat.

  10. Looks like a great harvest to me! That Shanghai pac choi looks perfect, as does the Tuscan kale. Nothing wrong with buying lettuce plants if it means having some fresh lettuce sooner. I love the Hakurei turnips but I usually grow them in fall here.

  11. It all looks so healthy! Perfect leaves...

  12. wowwy wow wow wow! That is some of the prettiest bok choy I've ever seen!

  13. Great harvest and beautiful greens.
    I have not started on any root vegetables yet since I lost my carrot seedlings (don't ask)!
    I'll have to get on with the program and some radish, beets, and carrots in this week.

  14. Your garden looks great, as always. My March plantings are slowly coming along. No harvests yet from peas, radishes or greens started under row covers. I'm dying for some fresh greens right now.

  15. Everything looks so fresh and beautiful, Thomas! I love radishes for they are easy to germinate, grow, and I love them mainly for their taste. We make a delicious dish called Sambar with them! Yummy!