Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Have an Addiction

To the (now) 50 followers of my blog - Thank you! I hope you all like what you've been reading!

more seeds for 2010
More and more seed shelves are popping up at the supermarkets and home improvement centers these days. It seems I can't pass by one without leaving with a few packets. Of course, I always have a justification. I do need to grow herbs this summer, don't I? Though I was planning on purchasing transplants. Also, why not get some fall snow pea and carrot seeds now? I can't think of a good reason not to. Finally, I wasn't going to grow watermelons this year since very few gardeners around our parts have been able to grow them successfully. (Where are the rest of you hiding?) I'm guessing these Sugar Babies will be my best hope. Behinds, like most children, I think watermelon seeds were the first things I tried to grow in my dad's garden. There was a "Jack and the Bean Stalk" quality to them when I was growing up, something children miss out on these days with seedless watermelon from the supermarket.

Store brought seeds are instant gratification (and cheap) in my book. However, I do worry that I'm supporting global agricultural giants like Monsanto in the process. Hence, the guilt.

Seeds from Dan
I'm very excited to note that I came home last night to a package of seeds from Dan, our urban Canadian veggie gardener (and brewer) extraordinaire. Inside were some Jade Cross Brussels sprouts, Red fennel and Florence fennel seeds. I am particularly curious about the Red fennel. Thanks for the seed swap, Dan! You're the best!


  1. Glade to hear the seeds arrived. I will keep checking the box for yours, seems to be taking 1-2 weeks for things to arrive from the States. I am doing a bit more research into the red fennel and will pass it on when I find it. I have heard it produces seeds the first year and bulbs the following. I must read more...

  2. Darn you, Thomas...I thought my seed list was complete, but now I see your lavender, and I must add that to my "to buy" list! No matter how much I have, I always find more ;-)

    Our Dan has been busy, hasn't he?

  3. A-Ha ! It's hard to resist, ain't it ? :D

  4. Seeds are like treasure - one just never seems to quite have enough and there is a secret pleasure in having a big stash of them!

  5. I think that this addiction of yours is spreading around like flu.
    But the good thing that it’s harmless and keep us happy!

    I have big plans for herbs this year... and flowers too.

  6. Thomas, I too share your addiction. There is something about the seed packets photos that just draws me towards them. Next thing I know I have a couple of packages in my hands.

    Most of this years seeds were purchased last year as I couldn't resist picking up a package here and there.

    I am growing Sugar Baby Watermelons this year too for the first time. I think soil blocks will work wonderfully for these as melons do not like their roots to be disturbed.

  7. The seed racks, that's funny! I just completely my order yet when at a big box store the next weekend, I head over to the racks when my husband grabs my arm and says "OOOOOO NO you don't!" LOL I hear you on the watermelon, I have never tried it, but was afraid of the wilt and bugs so I went with the Bush Sugar Baby too... I saw 3 ft vines so I figured maybe it wouldn't get too out of control and I could better keep an eye on it. I hope we get some melons out of those seeds!

  8. I'm really trying to control myself this year with seeds. I'm not totally succeeding. Restraint is hard. Sometimes I really wish I had bought some rosemary seeds since I'm going to have to buy a transplant again this year. Then I think I'm better off without them since rosemary is such a PITA to grow from seed. It is probably better that I didn't get it. I'll be less frustrated. I've found if I just stay out of those places with seed then I can't be tempted. I have to avert my eyes in the grocery store though. I can't avoid that one.

  9. Thomas - I know the feeling. I keep buying more seeds, too!

  10. That is an addiction that I don't try very hard to control. What I don't use gets passed on. I've had pretty good luck with watermelons, last year was the exception. Ignore those who say we can't grow them around here. It is certainly possible.

  11. We all need therapy. I said I was done, but I am embarrassed to admit how many seeds will be arriving at my door.

    I ordered a miniature watermelon from Amishland, the fruits are softball sized. I am hoping we all have luck with the melons this year.

  12. Dan- hopefully they arrive soon. Who knew mailing to Canada would be so easy? I hope you like minutina! My advice-start it super early!- Like in mid-August.

    Gran- I love the smell of lavender. I don't think they flower the first year in our area though...patience is a virtue I guess.

    kitsapFG-I agree. Now it's a matter of learning how to store them properly.

    vrtlarica- I need to be better in the flower department. Not much to speak of right now.

    Grafixmuse- I'm planning on starting mine in a 4 inch soil block. Hopefully, they will transplant well.

    Erin- let's cross our fingers. I don't know about you, but I don't get all day sun in my garden so getting a viable watermelon will be iffy I'm sure.

    Daphne- I was so so on getting rosemary seeds too. I feel like I should have gone with my gut and stuck with transplants.

    EG- sounds like you will be putting that propagation chamber of yours to good use.

    The Mom- thanks for reassurance! I'm thinking plenty of manure for the watermelons.

    Kelly, I saw that one too. It looks really interesting. I can't wait to see what you grow this year from Amishland!

  13. Thomas, I too suffer from the same addiction lol!! least we can admit it...No matter how much seed I buy from catalogs doesn't stop me from at least checking out the gardening section at the local store...I call it research :) I am interested in the red fennel..keep us posted...

  14. I laughed the instant I saw the title of this post! Another potential member of Seed Junkies Anonymous. I'm a charter member. I've been quiet about my own recent acquisitions, but if you look hard enough, you'll find the evidence...

  15. Oh the seed packet addiction...

    i have it too.....just got back with a big pile of sweet pea seeds...

    i am sure pumpkins and corn will be next....


  16. Thomas & Granny,
    I share your addiction, I cannot walk away from any seed rack without picking up something, worst part was I don't remember what I bought and I ended up with 3-4 packages of the same seeds.

    I have French lavender growing in my backyard, if you're interested in this variety I can send you some roots so you don't have to start from

  17. I work at a hardware store and I'm constantly asking if the seeds came.

  18. I'll become your 51st follower, then i can see if you roasted the chicken and we can keep each other company while marie is in south africa!

  19. I love seeds too! I have a whole box full of them (a small box, but still...)
    Finding a smaller, heirloom-variety, organic seed company to buy from can be good - more variety and less guilt!