Saturday, November 7, 2009

Travels - Long Island

Every year, I travel to the eastern part of Long Island for work, which is where I was earlier this week. I drive down to New London, Connecticut from Boston, hop on a ferry, and an hour and a half later, find myself in the midst of some of the most beautiful farm land and shores on the East Coast. If you've never been, I highly recommend it, especially if it's during the off season. Though I didn't take any pictures this time around, here are a few taken by Marc during last year's trip. (I'll admit, he does a pretty good job with that camera of ours.)

A lighthouse (not sure of its proper name) located in Long Island Sound as seen from the ferry.

long island winery
One of many vineyards and wineries located on Long Island.

Bison Farm
A Bison Farm is not something you see very often on the East Coast.

sag harbor sunset
A beautiful sunset on Sag Harbor.


  1. Wow did Marc go with you this year? Those pics are beautiful. Now I want to go!!!

  2. Hey Steve, no Marc couldn't make it this year unfortunately. Hopefully next year. You and Triet should definitely consider making a weekend getaway out of it!

  3. Lovely photos...give Marc my compliments! I've never been further east than Missouri :-)

  4. Gran! Say it isn't so! Well, you have an open invitation to visit me in Massachusetts if you get tired of the desert.

  5. Great pics, Thomas. I used to enjoy seeing the country when I was on the road, too.

  6. I want to visit the gardens at SUNY, Farmingdale. My son went to school at King's Point, Great Neck, on the North Shore.

  7. Beautiful. It is rather incongruous to see buffalo on Long Island. I've seen them in the west before, but never the east.

  8. Same thoughts as Daphne about the bison. Atypical to say the least. Those grapes are just asking for me to reach out and grab 'em. Beautiful photography ! My compliments to Marc. Although you went solo, hope you had a great time still.

  9. What a great trip! I want to go somewhere, too!

  10. Hi Thomas,

    As usual, the photos on your blog are spectacular! Most people aren't aware that the bison roamed Eastern North America, as well as the west. The Eastern Bison were smaller and a forest animal, not a grasslands one. They were an important food source for Eastern natives but were devastated by diseases brought by cattle from Europe and hunted to extinction by settlers by the 1700s.

    My Mom and her sisters used to go to Ft. Sill Oklahoma where there was a small "herd" of seven or eight prairie bison in the 1940s and 50s. Mom's family were Eastern Lenape (aka Delaware). They'd stand and look at that pitiful little bison herd in silence and cry. I never understood until I was an adult.

    I'm thinking about growing mushrooms, as you suggested. There are some great kits available at "fungi perfecti". Also innoculants which improve veggie yield in some crops. Would be interesting to try these!

    Deb - over at

  11. Deb - Thanks for the info and for sharing your family history! The bison that we saw were definitely on the small side...definitely smaller than I had imagined. They were beautiful, calm and seemed perfectly content in their foraging. It's a shame their numbers have suffered so greatly.

  12. incredible!! just amazing place, unbeliavable country. love it