Friday, November 6, 2009

Hoop House Tour

My garden is undergoing a period of transition right now, signaled in part by the onset of daylight savings last weekend. You can surely feel it in the air as temperatures are expected to reach down to 27 degrees F tonight. I have a feeling it is going to be a chilly November. Now is as good a time as any to write a post on some of the things I have growing in my mini hoop houses. It will be interesting to see how well they all fare in the coming months. In no particular order:

tango and rouge d'hiver lettuce
I have a couple rows of Tango and Red Romaine lettuce that need to be thinned. I would be delighted to have small heads of Tango lettuce to harvest this December.

The tatsoi is about ready. We still have a ton of stored greens left to eat so maybe I'll get around to harvesting them sometime next week. Luckily, my tatsoi have suffered only minimal slug damage.

red russian kale
The Red Russian kale has really taken off during the past couple of weeks. I have four currently growing. They still need a few more weeks before we can start harvesting the leaves.

I have spinach growing in two of my beds. I think I'll harvest some baby spinach from one bed and leave the other patch to mature.

swiss chard 2 swiss chard
I will not be eating Swiss chard anytime soon. It will be interesting to see how well they overwinter.

minutina seedlings
Here's a crop I haven't talked about much - Minutina. It's thin crisp leaves are supposed to add an interesting texture to a winter salad. Out of all the winter greens I've sown thus far, this one has germinated the best by far. I'm hoping its growth will prove equally as reliable in the coming months.

bed cleanup 2
bed cleanup
Finally, I cleaned up a couple of areas inside my hoop houses, into which I sowed some lettuce and pak choi. Again, another experimental sowing. We will see how this all plays out.


  1. I love peeking inside people's glass houses and winter structures to admire what's growing.

  2. As beautiful as a spring garden, and it will probably be appreciated even more.

  3. Your tatsoi looks so much prettier than mine. I have a lot more slug damage. Luckily it is only on the outer leaves.

  4. Minutina is new to me and looks very interesting ! Your crops are looking great, Thomas, and are well equipped, I think, to take on whatever November throws at them.

  5. You're doing better than me on winter crops - I've got brassicas, 2 cabbages, leeks, 5 parsnips (yes - 5!... from 3 full rows!) spinach and chard but no salad stuff at all.
    Enjoy your feast! :)

  6. ♥нι friendz...νιѕιтιиg тнιѕ cυтє вℓσg,ρℓz νιѕιт му cυтє вℓσg тσσσ..нυgz♥

  7. Your fall crops all look very healthy. I find the Minutina interesting and will look forward to watching it grow. Never heard of that green before. Got to love the log openers, I use staked stones to prop my cold frame open. Gardeners ingenuity :-)