Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last Weekend's Other Chores

golden raspberries
This past weekend, I also transplanted a couple of scraggly looking raspberry plants from the old garden. When we came to visit what was then our future home back in June, I noticed that these plants produced golden raspberries, which were small and a bit moldy at the time.

transplanted raspberry
I gave them a good dose of compost and minerals and planted them next to the strawberries. Hopefully they will like their new location.

I also found a HUGE clump of chives (or what I think are chives). I had never seen them get this long and scraggly, but I guess this is what happens when you don't harvest them all summer. I dug up about half of it to transplant in the garden.

mystery chives 2
I gave the clump a severe hair cut, divided it into three smaller pieces and planted them next to my garden gate. Hopefully they will have to time to settle in to their new location before the weather gets too cold.

Finally, I am planning on purchasing shallot seeds to sow this spring but decided this past weekend that I would plant a few bulbs right now for fun (and hopefully for an earlier crop). This variety is called "supermarket". HA!


  1. You've been busy! My chives get all scraggly like that after they flower. I always whack them back mid summer. Your shallots should overwinter as long as the winter has good snow cover, they are pretty hardy.

  2. I love the name of your shallot variety. I've just a similar garlic variety growing in my garden. Now that it is on its second year I keep wanting to change its name.

  3. Soil looks great. I'm thinking that everything will grow great.

  4. Lovely assets ! It's great you are relocating/recycling them all.

  5. I love the recycling of garden plants Thomas, I hope the raspberries perform well for you. Your garden is going to be amazing next year.

    I kept a glass thermometer in the soil under the coldframe this Spring, it was typically 7-10 degrees warmer.

  6. I've been thinking of growing shallots too, and have my eye on the "supermarket" variety as a source. But I found that they only had two cloves per bulb. That doesn't seem like a very good return on my investment. Do you think that they will multiply more than that, ie, more than double? I may check the farmers market this Sunday for shallots and give it a try.

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