Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Gift in the Mail - Paying It Forward

Pay It Forward
Last week, I received a very thoughtful gift in the mail from Kathie at Two Frog Home. In the package were three handmade seed packs of snow peas, calendula, and Titan sunflower (YES!), a big wild huckleberry chocolate bar (which was enthusiastically devoured) and a classic vegetable gardening book (great gardening methods are timeless). Kathie also made a donation in my name to Hanne's Dream. For those of you who've never visited Kathie's amazing blog, which chronicles her life in Montana, please do!

I accepted this gift with a promise to pay it forward to three other readers of my blog. So, PLEASE email me at if you'd like to receive a gift from yours truly and would be willing to pay it forward. If you're one of the first three emails I receive, you'll get a package of goodies ranging from something local, something green and something that benefits the community.

Thanks again, Kathie!


  1. I'm so happy that you enjoyed it all!

  2. Nice gift! I'd love to join this one but being overseas I'd better not. Quite apart from the expensive postage, we'd get in trouble for accepting seeds from overseas!
    I'm sure you've got your 3 already anyway, have fun making up your packages :)