Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welcoming Fall with Cranberries

cranberrie bush
Fall in Massachusetts means the beginning of cranberry season. One of our favorite day-trips we like to take in early October involves driving down to Middleboro, Massachusetts (proclaimed as the cranberry capital of the world) to witness the harvesting of cranberries. Park alongside the road during this time and you're likely to see acres and acres of flooded cranberry bogs against a backdrop of crisp fall colors. Farmers stand upright on motorized water beaters, which knock the berries off the vines, and then use floating booms to gather up what one could describe as a sea of cranberries. A perfect rendition of fall in New England if you ask me.

cranberries 1
All of this came to mind as I walked the grounds of Lake Street Garden Center this past weekend and noticed cranberry vines for sale. I just couldn't resist. From what I've read so far, cranberries like to grow in soil conditions similar to that of blueberries. I will have to do a bit more research before planting these out, hopefully by the end of the week.

cranberries 2
The brilliant burgundy and green foliage provides a stunning display in the garden.

cranberry runners
Cranberry vines send out runners as one means to propagate themselves.


  1. They are gorgeous. Good luck with them, I have been tempted myself a time or two. Some sulfur and lots of peat should make them happy if I remember right.

  2. Your photos are fantastic. Thanks for visiting my site. I have you bookmarked and will keep and eye on you. Congratulations on the move from the concrete jungle. We are contemplating a move from the corn and bean fields of Iowa to somewhere of the somewheres of our choice.

  3. Hi Thomas- Great blog! I think if you love the Freedom Garden site, you're really going to like Blotanical! It is so nice to have such wonderful access to so many great garden blogs. I admit, I am a little bit of a junkie. I think you're garden endeavors are wonderful and can't wait to see more!

  4. i'm so loving your blog. congrats on all your hard work. i'm afraid to show bob your garden gate. ours hangs at a funny cock-eyed angle, kinda dog-patch style. your compost pile is like PhD level. we just throw all vegetarian garbage into a pile out back. if we're lucky, the zucchini seeds plant themselves and we get lovely vines growing out of the pile. keep going thomas. you are amazing!

  5. Thanks Susan! We miss you guys. And please keep the pictures coming! I love your backyard.

  6. Its so nice. Cranberry helps to maintain health. It give benefit to asthma patient. It also controls cholesterol. A daily glass of cranberry juice will treat diseases like cystitis.