Friday, September 4, 2009

Kaffir Lime Leaves

kaffir lime 2
I thought I'd do a quick post on my kaffir lime tree. For those unfamiliar with this plant, kaffir lime leaves are a very popular ingredient in Indian, Thai and other southeast Asian cuisines. The leaves and peel of the fruit have a very strong and unique citrus flavor, and are used to flavor many things, including soups, grilled meats, seafood, curries and stir-fries. In India, the fruits are also used to make a spicy lime pickle.

Each leaf is comprised of double elongated leaflets, making the kaffir lime a very attractive ornamental plant as well. The growth of my tree has been very vigorous thus far. I purchased it as a small cutting (sold in a 2 inch pot) back in January and since then, it has doubled in size many times over. Currently, I have it growing in an 8 inch pot but I may have to re-pot it again soon. Hopefully, within the next year or two, we'll start to see some fruits forming. Also, I think I'll wait at least another 6 months to a year before I start snipping off some leaves for cooking.

kaffir lime


  1. That's a very interesting plant. I've never seen anything with those 'double' leaves before.

  2. I had a Kaffir lime tree some years ago. Since I did not know how to cook with the leaves, I found it a new home with a Thai cook. They are charming lime trees. I still remember him well. Good luck with yours.

  3. I have a very large Kaffir lime tree that started out 6 years ago as a small twiggy leafless plant. It only produced 3 limes until this year when I got over 50 of them. The limes are fragrant and of the most unusual but lovely fragrance. The lime yields little juice but the treasure is in the zest. One lime is worth a dozen of any other lime for the oily zest. I've sold them to mixologists and made my own syrups from steeping them in liquids. I've used them in desserts but had to experiement a lot.

  4. Is there any commercial supplier of Indian Kaffir Lime Leaves ?
    If so please mail me