Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This Year's Beds

raised beds 5
What a lovely Labor Day weekend we had here in New England. Sunny and cool - it was the perfect weather for getting some gardening work done. I was finally able to get the 3 remaining beds of this year dug and prepped, leaving room for a path between them and the other 9. In two of them, I've sown some white-stalked pak choi, Chinese kale, tatsoi, more spinach, Easter egg radishes, and some green oakleaf lettuce (Tango). I also sowed some Red Russian kale, red romaine (Rouge D'Hiver) and swiss chard (Bright Lights), which I received from fellow Massachusetts gardener/blogger Kelly at How My Garden Grows. (Seed swapping - yet another benefit to connecting with other bloggers!) I'm reserving my last bed for some winter salad greens I plan on sowing later on this month.

I am anxious to see what my fall garden will look like 30 days from now. As you might have noticed, I'm hedging my bets against this year's weather by growing crops that can be harvested at different stages of growth. The fall growing season has officially begun!


  1. You have really accomplished a lot in very short amount of time! I hope you have lots of yummy greens this Fall to reward you for all of that hard work.

  2. Thomas, your beds look so wonderful.The fence will be a great a against all those critters that like gardens to.

  3. Wow, very nice garden! I'm jealous of all your beds -- if all goes well, I'll be up to six soon. But that might be all I can manage for awhile. I'm a veggie newbie -- this has been quite the learning process, but a fun one.

  4. Wow, Thomas, 12 beds! I'm in awe of your garden and not just a little envious of the space that you have. And Marc's photography is spectacular. Great job, both of you.