Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some Cranberry Facts

cranberries 3
I have yet to find a home for the cranberry plants I purchased a couple of weeks ago. (I know, shame on me.) Since most of our yard is partly shady throughout the day, I'm having trouble deciding where would be the best spot to plants these guys. I have, however, made an effort to do some research on cranberries. Here are a few random tidbits I found:

-cranberries are a great source for vitamin C and have a high antioxidant content
-cranberries have two types of growth habits: runners (which trail and spread the plant as much as 2 feet per season) and uprights (which are born on the runners and bear the flowers and fruit)
-cranberries have a fine root system that only grows in the upper 4 to 6 inches of the soil
-1 year cranberry cuttings take about 3 to 4 years to fruit
-the cranberry is 1 of 3 fruits native to North America (the other 2 being concord grape and blueberries)
-wild cranberries were probably served at the first Thanksgiving dinner
-the first commercial cranberry crop was harvested in Massachusetts in 1816
-cranberries bounce when they are ripe (which is why they are also called bounceberries)
-some commercial cranberry beds are over 100 years old and still producing

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