Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What's In Season - Turnips and Cukes

This is my first time growing your average turnip.  Up until now, I've only grown Japanese varieties,  which are smaller and milder.  I'm planning on roasting these for dinner sometime soon.

The cucumbers continue to come in strong despite the beetle issues we've been having.  Like every year, by mid-August all of my cucumber plants end up slowly succumbing to bacterial, which is spread by cucumber beetles.  I guess we'll just have to enjoy them while they last.  Fresh homegrown cucumbers in my opinion are infinitely tastier than the soft/bendy/tasteless (i.e. not fresh!) ones you find at the supermarket.

And what to do with all of those cucumbers?  You make refrigerator dill pickles of course.  I've had so many complements lately from friends who've tried my homemade pickles (which probably explains why they never seem to last longer than a week in the fridge).  Most of them have never made pickles before and didn't realize how easy it is.  Here's the recipe that I stick with (though I usually add an additional teaspoon of salt these days). 


  1. I wish my cukes were ready. I think it won't be long though. They are getting bigger. I can't wait for some refrigerator dills. I just wish I had more dill in the garden. It just hasn't grown this year.

  2. Gorgeous pictures of your latest harvest!!! Love the orange & purples together...looks delicious too! :)

    Happy Gardening & best wishes,

  3. I can't wait to try these pickles! I have tried canning pickles the last two years...the first year they tasted terrible. This past year, while the flavor was good, the texture was not. Too mushy for me. I like a crispy pickle. I even added some of our grape leaves to each jar as I'd read it helped with the crunchiness.

  4. What cucumber variety do you like? I usually grow Socrates which is not a pickling variety, but delicious.

  5. Wow! We're jealous of your cucumbers. Some strange creature came through our garden and ate the tops of all our young plants. we planted again, but now we're behind. You are absolutely right about the soft, bendy and tasteless cukes in the grocery store. What I wouldn't give for one of Belle's refrigerator dills tonight!

  6. Your posted recipe for refrigerator dills is the one that I use (slightly modified) and have loved them so much I don't bother trying other recipes. Pure summer goodness!

  7. Given the absolutely dire weather we've had here so far this year, the cucumbers in my greenhouse are about the only decent crop of anything that I'm likely to get!
    I'm definitely going to be trying your dill pickle recipe, it looks great!

  8. It's the garlic! I'm sure of it. Belle puts garlic in her refrigerator pickles; and they're a hit too.

    1. When I see your photos, irresistible impulse appears in my heart. I can realize your good job in harvest.

  9. I am always so impressed with your artichokes! You've really mastered them. I though in MA they were hard enough, but now....Vermont? You rock!

  10. The link to the recipe doesn't seem to be working. I'm desperate! I made your pickles all summer long. We have a late batch of cukes at my preschool's garden and I was all set to make pickles tomorrow. Now I can't find the recipe ANYWHERE! Please help!

    Thank you!