Saturday, March 24, 2012

Flowering Mandarinquat Tree

A few weeks ago, my mandarinquat tree started flowering like crazy.  I'd never had a citrus tree that did so as much.  The blooms ran all along the stems and filled the room with the most pleasant scent.

Hopefully this means that I'll get a semi-decent crop this year, and by that I mean a number greater than four, which is what I got last year.

Speaking of mandarinquat trees - I have two, though I'm a bit concerned about one.  I'd purchased them from an online nursery a couple of years ago and had expected that their growing habit would mirror one another.  In this picture, you can see that my 'good' tree has small narrow leaves and has flowered consistently during the past year.

My 'bad' tree produces wider larger leaves and has shown no indication that it will ever want to flower.  (They are lighter in color in this picture because they are new leaves.) It's also more vigorous in its growth than my good tree.  I've given my trees the same potting soil, same fertilizer and same growing conditions so I'm at a loss as to why my bad tree is not flowering at all.  All of the growth on my bad tree is happening above the graft line but I'm wondering whether it's still possible for a root stock to assert its characteristics here somehow.  It might be time to consult a professional.


  1. What type of fertilizer do you use on your citrus trees and how often? Thanks


  2. I think your 'bad' tree is a different plant, yeah.
    No telling what it is.
    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, though. Thanks for sharing the pretty flowers with us. :o)

  3. Why not get in touch with the folks you ordered it from? They might have some advice, or perhaps even replace it for you...

    I'm glad to see the one with blossoms growing so happily in Vermont!

  4. Those are both really healthy and beautiful plants - but the second one does indeed look "different". Perhaps it was mislabeled by the selling company?

  5. Hi Thomas, I thought of you when this article mentioned growing strawberries and other fruits in small spaces:

  6. Having been occupied with lots of things in our lives, it is taking me a while to play catchup with my favorite people: it looks like you, Marc and Jonathan are getting quite settled in your new home. Jonathan is growing leaps and bounds and is the cutest gardener's helper. ;) Regardless of your move, one thing is clear: that green thumb of yours can go/grow anywhere.

    I love your green room! as well as your red jammies. :)

  7. Most citrus are grafted maybe this one was not.

  8. Weird. I think I agree with the other commenters that maybe they are indeed not the same plant. Your 'good' one looks great. I have a Improved Meyer Lemon that I'm happy to report has also been covered with delicious smelling blossoms. I live in cool, soggy Oregon and have had it inside, hoping to move it outdoors soon. It's great to see that you have had success in Vermont. Share more secrets and tips please.

  9. Updates! Updates!
    Your italian fan :D