Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fig Trees Update - Moldy Cuttings

Last weekend, I was able to source the ingredients to fertilize my fig trees, which consists of  1 part super phosphate, 1 part 5-10-5, 1 part bone meal and 1 part garden lime, and applied it according to Joe Morle's instructions.  I'll also apply a liquid feed of 20-20-20 fertilizer every 20 days.  I'm anxious to see how my trees will fair this year.

After a week of being indoors, my fig trees began to wake up. 

Now they look like this.

Propagation Update - I'm not having much luck with the cuttings I took a couple of weeks ago.  I can't seem to keep blue mold from developing on them.  After a week of being in the peat moss, they were covered in it.  I then tried storing them in a moist paper towel and that didn't work either.  Dipping them in a bleach/water solution seems to help but the mold still comes back after a few days.  Now I just the cuttings covered in some barely damp perlite.  I'm at a loss at point.   Any suggestions?


  1. This year I watered with chamomile tea for all my seedlings. I didn't have any mold develop and none of them damped off. It might be worth a try using the tea on the cuttings. I heard about the chamomile from Grannies blog. Last year all my seedling got white fuzz on top of the peat pots.

  2. I don't know where I read it, but try sprinkling cinnamon over the top of the soil. It works for me, although I have to resprinkle any time the mold comes back.

  3. I heard a mixture of garlic and chamomile works but never tried it myself. I also saw that hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle works really well too. Let us know how it works and good luck!

  4. Is this for the fig or for other cuttings? I believe I was told to pile soil up at the base and eventually new growth would occur at the base which you can then cut. Good luck solving the problem either way!

  5. No experience with woody cuttings - so nothing to offer you by way of advice. The fig tree is looking great though!

  6. I know Daphne uses cinnamon and, of all things, wikipedia recommends garlic and chamomile to control damping off. Great looking fig tree! When I was a kid my dad sprouted trees from limbs. I remember him placing directly in water. Have you tried that?

  7. Cant wait to get started this spring. I started sowing seeds inside. I am seriously considering buying a 8 x 12 greenhouse this year, any thoughts. I am having a hard time finding reliable information on them. Many have side panels that are only 4mm thick. I was planning on setting it up in the garden, then as fall pushes in I was going to move it over my out side hot tub and try to conserve heat for the tub and also use that heat to try to get some plants going. Any thoughts??? Thanks Erick

  8. Moldy cutting seems like the most common problem fig growers talk about. I've never done any propagation myself, but there's lots of good info here: Good luck!

  9. We've started some fig trees from cuttings and, so far, they seem to be doing well. I just posted the method we used on my blog today (March 12).
    Maybe there's something there that would be helpful ??

    Best wishes,

  10. Have you tried running a small oscillating fan in your fig-growing area?