Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Artichoke Seedlings

Nine of my artichoke seeds went on to sprout. Hopefully this will be another good year for artichokes.

This weekend, I'll start sowing some early spring lettuce, Asian greens and herbs. If we were in Massachusetts, I probably would have done this already as the days are beginning to heat up quickly despite the snow storm this week. Here in Vermont, I'd like to have some greens transplanted out in early April. The community plot I signed up for won't be ready until late April (I think) so hopefully the beds behind our townhouse will have thawed enough for me to work the soil.


  1. How big do they get? I've never tried planting them but it sounds like a fun plant. Just hope deer don't eat it all.

  2. what exciting times in your garden.

  3. surprise, surprise... guess what I saw when clearing the weeds off the "back 40" LOL.... the ARTICHOKES CAME BACK THIS YEAR!!! After watching yours grow while mine failed the past couple years I finally have success! I'm hoping that since they came back on their own this spring they will be healthier than ever :) I'll post a pic soon on the blog, now I don't have to be sad anymore when I see your pretty seedlings :) Ooooh, and I saw some at our local coffee shop at the beach that are already 3 feet tall... they must like sand!!

  4. You can cover the beds with black plastic, it will help them heat up sooner.
    Anna in MD