Monday, October 10, 2011

An Indian Summer Harvest

I hope my fellow gardeners here in New England are enjoying the warm weather as much as I am. It's not often we experience temperatures in the 80's this time of year. After a long stretch of cold and rain, I'm sure our fall veggies appreciated it as well.

This past week, I picked the first of our fall turnips. This Asian variety called 'Tokyo Market' is milder, sweeter and not as tough as your average supermarket turnip. (Thanks again for the seeds, Mac!)

This batch was the best I've grown so far. My prior attempts at growing Asian turnips produced golf-ball sized roots. This year, I upped the spacing between each plant to 4 inches and got much better results.

Spinach is a great cut-and-come-again veggie in our garden. I snip leaves every few days to use in soups and pasta dishes. The cooler than normal August we experienced this year probably had a lot to do with why our spinach is thriving now.

Another carrot harvest - still no signs of rodent damage. Hopefully, the mice will stay away this winter.

I've yet to master growing fall beets. These are on the smaller side. I just don't think there is enough light in our garden is time of year to encourage the roots to fatten up.

Our leeks this fall are much better than the previous. We have good-sized white stalks that are at least a foot long. Since I've yet to grow a decent crop of onions, leeks are a great alternative this time of year.


  1. What a nice mix of fall crops this week. My leeks are my saving grace too because the onions were dismal for us this year. After not growing leeks for two years in a row, I am so glad I did this year because the onion harvest all but failed. Luckily I have green onions coming along to fill in when the leeks are done.

    Our garden is sun challenged in the late fall and winter because the sun sits low on the horizon and is below the tree line as a result most of the day. I have to get my fall crops pretty mature before that happens or I am out of luck.

  2. wonderful fall harvest. Everything looks great!

  3. Your turnips and carrots are perfection! I am amazed - I can't grow them worth a darn here and those are two veggies that I desperately want! :)

  4. I totally forgot to plant turnips and radishes this fall. I really wish I had. I broke down and bought radishes at the farmers market.

  5. What an amazing fall harvest! Your leeks are nice and fat! Looks great.

  6. Wow, those look gorgeous! They were definitely ready for their close up, ha. Let us know what you made with all those good looking veggies!

  7. Very nice fall harvest Thomas. I'm not going to have much fall harvesting this year. Hopefully the winter crops will do great though.

  8. You never fail to have such a beautiful harvest, Thomas.

    If you could send some of that Indian summer back west, it would be greatly appreciated. Seems we went from spring to a couple weeks of summer and somehow skipped fall.

  9. Wow, what a great harvest! The last time I saw that terrific a variety after was after we made a trip to the farmers' market LOL.

    We did enjoy the Indian summer weekend... when we weren't attending Yom Kippur services, we were spreading compost in our rose beds, getting ready for winter!

  10. Wow, everything is so gorgeous! I get those turnips at my farmers' market and they are delicious. I pickled the turnips with cumin and pimento, I made this fantastic tart with the greens:

  11. Wow, beautiful harvest, love those carrots and beets.