Thursday, October 20, 2011

Apple Picking

Now is a great time to be in New England. There's tons of natural beauty to take in, which is one of the reasons why fall is my favorite season for being outdoors. This past weekend, we visited Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury, Massachusetts. With sunny skies, temperatures in the uppers 60's and a slight breeze, it was perfect weather for going apple picking.

A gentle slop of apple trees, you can see why the farm is called 'Cider Hill'.

I loved their display of pumpkins, which came in all shapes, colors and textures.

The little man looked mighty cool in his tinted glasses, track suit and garden boots.

As you can see, the fall foliage still has a ways to go before reaching its peak.

As the wind swept through the corn fields, the dried leaves made a gentle rattling noise.

We picked a good amount of Mutsu apples, which are similar to Granny Smith. They are destined for pie.

I would love to grow an orchard of my own one of these days. As I picked, I thought about the relationship between the farmer with his apple trees. Simply put - he cares for them, and if all goes well, they supply him with an abundance in return. I'm sure there's a parable in here somewhere.

A bin of fallen apples - soon they'll be carted off to the cider press.


  1. Great pictures.Thanks for sharing!

  2. Makes me miss Massachusetts!

  3. That's a lovely farm. The pumpkin display is great! I should get one and carve it this year. The Dandelion Wranger's been picking apples on the west coast too!

  4. What a beautiful farm and lovely looking apples

  5. I loved going apple picking with my family when I was a child. It was one of the only times I was encouraged to climb trees. LOL!

    You are giving Jonathan some warm childhood memories.

  6. I love that house! I wish I could have a wrap-around porch.

    My husband made some hard cider for me using cider from the farmer's market. It should be ready to drink in a few weeks!

    It looks like you had fun and it was a glorious day. Fall is the best. Anna in MD

  7. Gorgeous farm and the countryside is beautiful too. What a fun outing for all of you and a great way to spend a sunny fall day.

  8. Thomas, Jonathan is as cute as he can be! lovely smile and I'm sure he loved seeing all those pumpkins.

    We have picked our pears and many of our apples, but still have the majority of that to complete, as well as cleaning out the rest of the vegetable garden. Indian summer here and it's hard to not be outside.

  9. i used to go apple picking at Tanners Orchard in Illinois when i was a student in the states back in was great!!! once in a lifetime experience for me...:)

  10. Apple picking is liked by us a lot. But we have never seen a beautiful garden like you. Keep on sharing such a beautiful pics of your garden with us.

  11. Your apple garden is looking so attractive. People like to pluck some apples from such beautiful garden. Please save yours.

  12. Pictures of your garden are so beautiful. The picture in which a kid is playing with colorful fruits is the most enjoyable.