Sunday, September 4, 2011


I wasn't planning on growing pumpkin this year, but Jonathan had asked if we could during one of our many trips to Lake Street Garden Center earlier this year. Of course I couldn't say no so I bought a transplant. I don't remember the name of this variety, but the vine has struggled all summer long and only set fruit earlier this month. Then the tropical storm hit and most of the leaves were shredded to pieces. What wasn't shredded is now covered in powdery mildew. If you look closely, you can also see that the vine linking the pumpkin to the rest of the plant is on the verge of snapping. I didn't have much hope that we would be picking a pumpkin in time for Halloween this year.

Then today, I took another look at the pumpkin and noticed that not only had it doubled in size, but also was beginning to turn orange. Who would have guess? Maybe we'll be carving our very own homegrown jack-o-lantern next month after all.


  1. I would suggest a sling for that pumpkin just to make sure it doesn't separate from the vine when it gets even bigger. It'll be lovely for Halloween! I've very much enjoyed your blog since I found it - thank you for sharing such a delightful garden with us.

  2. That looks fantastic! After planting 3 years in a row I finally got some this year, only 3 though LOL

  3. So that's what's growing out of my compost bin!! Thanks for the photo...Now I remember discarding a half dead four pack in early spring ;-) Am Happy! Hope yours makes it to Halloween.