Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's Good to be Home - Peppers

I'll say it again - I feels really good to be home. For much of this week, I was in Phoenix, Arizona for work. It felt a bit strange to go from our New England weather to a desert climate where temperatures reached into the upper 90's during the day and 80's during the night. Even stranger was the fact that everyone I ran into seemed to be happy about it, or more specifically, happy that it wasn't 110 degrees F. I will admit that I felt a sense of relief when I got into my car at Logan airport tonight and the thermometer read 53 degrees.

Despite the weather, I rather enjoyed my time in Phoenix. I loved the desert foliage and the Spanish-style homes. And I'm sure that some of our summer veggies would love the dry heat and brilliant sun that the southwest has to offer. Nevertheless, earlier this week, I noticed that my zone 6 Poblano pepper plants are over 6 feet tall now! Amazingly, they still look perfectly healthy unlike our tomatoes.

I've been purposefully waiting to harvest most of my Poblano peppers. If you pick them too early, the flesh will be too thin to be worth the hassle of roasting and pealing them.

Finally, I noticed that my Pepperoncini peppers have turned a bright lipstick red color. I think this will be the last year I'll grow them. As much as I tried to like them, I'm not too fond of their slightly bitter taste.


  1. Welcome home Thomas! Your peppers look great! I noticed that my pepperoncinis are a little bitter too. I thought that maybe it was the weather this year. I have always loved them and never knew them to be bitter. Maybe another seed source would make the difference. They do turn such a beautiful red, don't they?

  2. Six feet! That would explain why mine did not do well, containerized...

  3. Glad you're home. We've been on vacation ourselves this week. We didn't go west, but at least we weren't working. I can't believe you have 6 foot pepper plants! Are the peppers 2 feet long? I would really love to try them here. What company/variety are your pablanos?

  4. Welcome back, boy the evenings have been chilly. Great sleeping weather but we have pulling out the warm socks and sweaters.

  5. Hi Jody, I don't know which variety it is unfortunately but I got the seeds from botanical interests.

  6. Thanks Thomas. I've bookmarked botanical interests for future seeds.

  7. Wow, those peppers look so healthy and amazing!!