Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Raspberries

Sadly, the season for fall raspberries is over already. I grow an everbearing variety call Jaclyn and I would highly recommend it. The berries are large and have an excellent flavor, and the canes are very productive. Even been, the fall fruiting canes will go on to produce another crop of berries the following summer.

I'd like to try my hand at rooting some canes next year in order to expand my patch. However, I noticed that this variety is patented. I wonder this would prevent me from doing so even if I don't plan on selling my rooted canes.


  1. I promise not to tell anyone!

  2. We have everbearing raspberries too. Do you know how they should be pruned for winter? Or do you know where to find good instructions online? We transplanted ours last summer and we're so glad we did... have no idea if they are patented.

  3. I love our everbearing Heritage raspberries. I just pruned the patch a few weeks ago and our fall crop is just getting started. Nothing like fresh raspberries when the rest of the garden is largely winding down for the season.

  4. Thomas, I actually called "Proven WInners" once (it's a nursery company that sells plants to places like big box garden centers) and asked them if I could make cuttings and root them. I was told that as long as I was using it for my own use it was ok. Their plants are "patented'. Now I don't know if that's different for different nurseries.

    I think also what about 3 or 4 years down the road, if the tag is gone, how do you even know what is patented or not? Unless you wrote it down? I think you'd be ok as long as you weren't giving away or selling cuttings.

    We have a couple of raspberries in clay pots here at the city house and they are blooming. I didn't know they were everbearing. Speaking of the variety, I don't even remember what they are, ha. They are thornless, I know that. Anyway, we may have a few ourselves. They are only in the clay pot as a means of "holding'' them until I can get them in the ground at the farm next year.

  5. It's okay in NZ but not sure if that is helpful! Just not allowed to sell them (not sure about giving them away). Looking forward to the upcoming raspberry season here.