Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tongue of Fire Beans

I meant to write this post last week when I harvested my Tongue of Fire Beans. The pods are quite striking when mature.

As you can see, I ended up shelling a number of the beans prematurely. Oh well. I needed the bed space so all of the plants had to be pulled. Presently, the beans are lying in the freezer as I haven't decided what to do with them yet. I'm picturing some sort of stew with tomato and sausage. Any other ideas?


  1. Good harvested and crop fire beans. Because in this fruits so healthy and sweet because at the time crop in then we should be keep more information regarding in this matter.

  2. I was contemplating whether I should try this variety or not for our spring-planting season. Very pretty bean.

  3. Those are sure pretty beans - both in the pod and out. I have a tough time with dried beans in my climate - the fall damp comes too fast and it makes drying them down properly very difficult.

  4. Definitely one of the nice things about those pods, you can't miss 'em among the foliage, come picking time :)

    My suggestion would be to toss them into some kind of salad. I'm sure they would do well in there.

  5. Oh my...they're gorgeous. I would probably make them the same way I've done Cranberry Beans...saute onion, garlic, celery, carrot in olive oil...add beans and some broth...maybe a bit of bacon or if you have a large amount of beans, a hamhock...simmer...then EAT with crusty bread!!

  6. great beans! I am thinking of shelling my green beans, but not sure what i would do with them either?

  7. My cranberry beans have the same kind of pretty pods. But the beans are darker. I ought to go out and start harvesting my pods soon. A lot of them have dried.

  8. Oh wow! Those beans are beautiful!

  9. Those are beautiful! Man, I wish I had a garden to grow things...

  10. CASSOULET!!!! But in cold weather. Perhaps these are too fresh to bury in the other flavours, though...


    Wine or stock
    Buried inside:
    Duck confit (leg and thigh)
    Good sausage
    Maybe a lamb shank or a pork rib or two

    Bubble bubble for a day. Breadcrumbs on top.


  11. Marie - YES! Thanks for the suggestion..perfect with duck confit.

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