Thursday, July 21, 2011

Seeing Green, Feeling the Heat

It sure is taking a very long time for our slicing tomatoes to ripen this year. Not one of them is showing any signs of turning color. The weatherman says that our area will be experiencing the effects a "heat dome" and near triple digit highs for the next couple of days. Hopefully this will encourage some of the fruit to ripen, which is the only upside I can see to this hot mess.





Sun scald can be an issue on days like these I suppose but fortunately for us, most of the fruit is protected under a thick canopy of leaves. I haven't had to water the garden much this year but I guess that all changes now. (Why didn't I invest in a drip irrigation system?) One thing's for sure - I'm not planting out my fall greens until this heatwave is over.


  1. Dome, schmome.... egads it's hot, whatever they call it! I hope this isn't practice for gardening within the Gates of Hell, because I can't take much more of it! Those tomatoes look beautiful, and not a touch of blight or anything, nice!

  2. I'm really unhappy about our heat. I don't know if any of the pollen can survive in this heat. We usually don't get such nasty weather. Our hot days are usually in the low 90s. I hope next year is more normal for us.

  3. Beautiful tomatoes, Thomas! I'm sure they'll ripen soon. I live in purgatory central, and you get used to it after a while...

  4. Your green tomatoes are just beautiful! Our cooler than usual weather (for the second year in a row) has slowed my tomato production down to a crawl, there aren't even any sizable green tomatoes to be found in the patch yet.

  5. I've got a lot of sun scald, but not enough to ruin the entire tomato. Yours look great!

  6. They may be slow to ripen, but you sure have a nice bounty of beautiful green tomatoes!

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  8. I JUST picked my first red tomato, I'm sure yours will be turning soon enough- your plants look really healthy by the way- good job!

  9. Look at all your beautiful maters! Nice! So many on one plant!