Thursday, July 7, 2011

Prelude to Beans

Today, I picked the last of the snow and shell peas. The vines look rather ragged these days and will soon be pulled up. The freed up space will eventually be planted with fall veggies in the coming weeks. The end of pea season usually coincides the beginning of the bean season. My early sown crop is flowering now. Pictured above is a Dragon's Tongue bean flower.

The Contender bean flowers are a lighter shade of pink.

My early sown Envy soybeans (edamame) have recovered somewhat from the groundhog attacks and begun to flower as well. It'll be interesting to see what kind of yield we get since the plants have been compromised.

The first pods have already begun to set. I can't wait until these Dragon's Tongue beans mature. They are very tasty in my opinion and their crisp texture holds up well when cooked.


  1. The Dragon's Tongue beans are so pretty. I will have to try them next year. I pulled my snow peas at the house today and will pull them at the plots tomorrow. It so hot that the pods are tuff and who wants tuff snow peas?

  2. Looking good. I love pea and bean flowers.
    Peas will come out in the next few days. My edamame never produce a lot so don't blame the groundhog 100%.

  3. I'm eagerly anticipating beans too. It isn't that I'm a huge bean fan, but there is something about the first of the season for any crop. It is something I haven't had for so long. I just don't like beans from the store. I don't even like my own frozen beans. I only like them fresh off the vine.

  4. Agreed Thomas I love the Dragon's Tongue. Erin saved me and sent me her stash.

  5. I grew Dragon's Tongue beans for the first time this year. They were delicious and so pretty.