Sunday, July 17, 2011

Colorful Picks of the Week

The weekly harvest is finally starting to take on some serious color. Up until this point, everything has been mostly green. A colorful harvest always reminds me that summer is in full swing. Pretty soon, the tomatoes will add their shade to this rainbow until fall arrives and the greens predominate again. I guess we should enjoy it while it lasts.

As you can see, we've picked a few new things this past week. While I'm planning on making a big pot of chicken soup with the celery (soup in July, I know), most of what's remaining in the garden will be frozen for winter use. Homegrown celery in my opinion is VERY pungent and a little bit goes a long way.

Our spring sown carrots are looking very good this year unlike last summer. We've picked a couple dozen of them already and all but one or two have been perfectly straight. I've built two other carrot beds for this year's winter crop. Hopefully, the voles will stay away this time around!

I also picked the first artichoke of the year (yes!) and all of my plants now are starting to produce. The two golden beets I pulled this week were so delicious. This was the first time I've tried them and they tasted incredibly sweet.

My chamomile is now flowering. Better late than never I guess.

The Fava beans continue to roll in and we picked our first string beans this week. The greens ones are 'Contender'. This is my second year growing them and what a disappointment they have been. I think I'll try a different variety next year. I also picked our early sowing of Dragon's Tongue beans. I love them. They have a nice flavor and keep their crunch when cooked.

The cukes and zucchini plants continue to be productive. I also picked my first head of savoy cabbage today, albeit a small one. It was about the size of a grapefruit. My cabbages are taking FOREVER to grow and the heads are stalling at the moment. I just hope they don't bolt before they reach full size.

Finally, this was the haul from my five potato plants. I was afraid that the voles may have gotten to them but to my relief they didn't. Only one potato showed signs of being chewed on so I think I harvested these just in time. I sliced up a few and cooked them up in a gratin for dinner tonight. Boy were they good!


  1. Congratz on pulling in a potato harvest. It's rare to see a post with a successful potato plot, these days, at least according to my subscribed feeds.

    So, kudos to you. :) Also some wonderful colors here, as well! Good week!

  2. splendid harvest this week! I love it too when the colors start splashing onto the scene. I will be harvesting my first artichoke this coming week. Looking forward to enjoying that baby!

    Those chamomile are such pretty blossoms.

  3. YAAAAAAYYYYYY - potatoes! Oh how I hope I get some good spuds this year. I have been horrible at watering sufficiently so am a bit nervous. Yours look just lovely!

    I think I may only grow Dragon's Tongue beans next year. I have yet to find a standard green bean I like from my garden. For some reason that is one vegetable I think tastes better from the farm stand.

  4. Oh we just love Yukon Gold potatoes!! I think that I'm going to plant more of them next year then I did this year.

    Your harvests are definitely becoming quite colorful!

  5. You can grow the most beautiful carrots!

  6. Too bad about the Contenders. It just shows that gardeners have to experiment and see what works for them in their unique microclimate. You have some lovely harvests!

  7. Wow what a lovely harvest! I love the artichoke!

  8. Pretty Colourful Harvest! A very good size potato harvest!

  9. Great harvest! Looks like it's really starting to come in now. Love the dragon beans, they are so lovely.<3

  10. That is a really pretty looking harvest. I can't wait for my potatoes to be ready. They are still looking good though. I'm assuming my earlies will die down soon.

  11. Beautiful! I think I'm going to dig our potatoes tonight, I'm a little apprehensive of what I might find since so many have had trouble this year!

  12. Nice harvests! I'm trying artichokes this year,but no sign of the blossoms yet. Yours look great.

  13. Nice potatoes! I think it maybe time to dig mine up :) Beautiful cukes! Golden beets are wonderful aren't they? I loved them too and had to reseed them again!

  14. Really nice pictures, I don't know if it is the camera or the tint, but they look awesome.

  15. Your photos and gardening prowess are so inspiring. I've been following your efforts for a year and have learned so much! You have me wondering if I should be digging up my potatoes. It's the first time I've planted them and am wondering what to do.

  16. Beautiful harvest, love the colors.