Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Persimmon Blooms

This past weekend, I noticed that my persimmon tree was in bloom. They're small but quite striking.

I used a fine artist brush to hand-pollinate them. I doubt anything will come of them this year but one can hope. If any of them start developing into young fruit, maybe I'll remove all but one and see what happens. Maybe the little tree can support one lone fruit.


  1. I've never actually stopped to look at a persimmon blossom, it is so pretty! Good luck with them this year.

  2. What pretty flowers! I've never tasted a persimmon!

  3. Thanks for the pics! We have fruiting persimmons growing in the yard but the crowns are high in the canopy and we've never seen the flowers.

    Do they have any scent?

    Hope you get some 'simmons!

  4. What interesting flowers. I've never seen a persimmon tree before. Are the flowers waxy? They kind of look that way.

  5. Pretty flowers, now I'm really really tempted to grow one.

  6. Thomas, I always enjoy catching up on your garden. It truly is beautiful. Sorry about the ground hog trouble. We beat the rabbits this year with bordering the garden with chicken wire. Now, I wait to see what will the next pest. Mostly, for now, just the flying kind.

    Have a great summer,

  7. Nartaya - Thanks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Gran - You've never tasted a persimmon???? You're missing out. I have to warn you though...they have a rather interesting smell.

    Jain - Not that I could detect. Then again, I neglected to put my nose up to it!

    Elainor - I wouldn't say they were seems very delicate in fact.

    Mac - I think you should!!!! (Peer pressure!)

    Lorie - I'm glad to say that my troubles with bunnies are over (for now).

  8. One of the most beautiful blooms I have ever seen. Gorgeous!

  9. Hi Thomas!! I haven't been by to visit in a while...and why not?!! I love it here at your green and luch and inspiring...:)

    I love persimmons...they remind me of my grandmother. She loved them peeled, sliced and drizzled with lime juice. Oh my is SO GOOD. You can also drizzle a bit of honey with the lime if you like...delicious as well. (This is also an amazing combo for mm mm!)

  10. Permission is a very nice tree. because it is very green so it is very fantastic tree.and good fruits and flowers very enjoyable in this tree.

  11. Our house in Oakland California came with a terribly overgrown garden and some old neglected fruit trees. A little bit of love, and our persimmon is booming!

    What variety do you have?