Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Flowers, meet Veggie Gardener. Veggie Gardener, meet Flowers.

flower bed
In a lot of ways, I just don't 'get' flower gardening. I think I'm way too right-brain oriented to design a proper flower bed, which is why the one in front of our house laid neglected for so long. This past weekend, I was determined to do something about it. So I went to my favorite local plant nursery and spent WAY too much on what I consider to be the 'sexy sorority sisters' of the plant kingdom. And just to illustrate how much I care, I threw away all of the plant tags without reading them so I can't even tell you what I planted.

Peonies are among my favorite flowers and this one was the prettiest of the lot. I can't remember the exact name though.

purple flowers
And this purple thingy looked interesting so I snatched it up.

I think this is a chrysanthemum of some sort but alas, I can't say for sure.

Ok, that's enough about flowers. Let's get back to the veggies.


  1. This has me rolling with laughter, I totally get it! Personally I plant lots of ornamentals and know all the names, blah blah, but I really have to force myself to plant any annuals and I really don't even care about them, I just pretend to, they require way too much in the way of care while my perennials are on auto pilot. I think you did well, and you didn't even need the darn tags!

  2. Good for you! When I first started gardening, I didn't give a rat's ass about flowers. After visiting the local nurseries and speaking with the local gardeners, I learned how beneficial they could be for the veggie garden. I really enjoy my flowers and just pick out whatever suits my fancy. They attract so many bees. I love that you have no idea what you planted.

  3. I don't do real well with tags or names, either. If it's pretty, and I like it, I call it "the pretty flower". That's good enough for me.

  4. Even when I keep the tags, they end up lost. I can't tell you what anything is, except lilies (generic name is all I can do) and roses (same here- look at the pretty rose, haha).

    My brother could probably tell you what you have.

    Good job though! I expected to see flowering veggies... ;-)

  5. THey look great! I can't do anything with flowers to save my life. I love watching others that can.

  6. I love you Thomas. How it is you seemingly manage to perfect everything else 'home' in your life, and yet diss the flowers is cracking me up.

    Peonies are one of my favorites as well. The sexy sisters look good, thank-you for paying attention to the blooms. How about we say you are doing it for the beneficials, for the pollinators? ;)

  7. I am the total opposite, I have always been a flower gardener, even when growing up in the city. I have specifically picked perennials and annuals for pollinators (go to Lowes/any garden center and pick the flowers the bees and butterflies are on).
    Last year, I had over 2 dozen monarch caterpillars on my butterfly weed and the chrysalises were on my native honeysuckle. THEN I had the caterpillar of the black swallowtail on my parsely--too COOL!! Keep an eye out--you'll be surprised and your little boy will love it. Anna in MD.

  8. Oh how funny. I love flowers. I consider them bee food. And bee food is important. I also love flowers just for flowers. It isn't the same love I have for my veggie plants, but it is still there. I'm sad I don't have a peony in my current garden. I might have to fix that one day.

  9. Love this post! :) At least it still ended up really pretty, regardless of what you planted! I grow a few flowers from seed, and the rest are perennials... it's hard to spend money on annuals year after year, but they are pretty!

  10. Oh you're funny! Had a good chuckle... However, don't think you should have discarded the tags because, that flower bug might bite you yet and you will wonder about the peony name down the road...perhaps ;-)

  11. Tsk tsk tsk - who knew!!!! You're funny. The purple thing is a verbena. Not sure about your daisy but my mom had huge mounds of them when I was growing up.