Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cauliflower and Cukes

Success! This weekend, I cut the string around my cauliflower plants and noticed that sizable crowns had formed. By the looks of things, I caught it just in time as the curds were starting to pull apart.

Not huge, but considering that all of my plants last year either died unexpectedly or bolted prematurely, I am pretty satisfied with this year's efforts. Now it's time to get the fall crop started.

Today, I also noticed that the first pickling cukes of the summer are ready for picking. This variety is called 'Diamant'. It produces tons of blooms and best of all, the flowers don't need to be pollinated in order to fruit.


  1. They look great!
    My son gave me some cucumber plants for Mother's day. I managed to kill all but one and though I've had flowers, I haven't had any cucumbers yet...

  2. Going to have to try those cucumbers!

  3. It is amazing that you have cukes and cauliflower at the same time! Down here that would never fly LOL

  4. Cukes! I bet if my Diamant hadn't died in the cold May weather I would be getting cukes too. Sadly my Littleleaf just aren't setting cukes yet. I hope they get with it.

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