Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This Week's Garden Update - Salad in a Box

The fava beans are a bit late this year.

It's time to pick a few spinach leaves.

The lettuce is teasing me at the moment. We should be able pick some outer leaves any day now.

My salad box is working out well this year. The lettuces seem to be growing normally. Last summer, I couldn't get anything to grow in it. I figured it was due to a lack of fertility. This year, I used a mix of 50% organic potting soil, 50% compost and a bit of organic fertilizer for good measure. It seems to be working. On the left, I planted some mesclun mix and will sow some more in the middle. I have an extra box in the basement that I will need to break out. Hopefully, it will continue to do well in the shade this summer.


  1. That is the one nice thing about boxes (and pots). They can be moved when it gets hot. I'm wondering if I can find some way to shade my lettuce in the summer.

  2. Hubby is finally building me a salad box near the back door so I can free up some raised bed space!

  3. I'm going to use my big salad box in the shade this summer for lettuce and mesclun mix of greens. It will be interesting to see how yours does for you.

    Your lettuce may be teasing you but it sure looks good!