Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Late May Harvest

Greetings from Washington, DC! I meant to write this post before I hopped on the plane last Sunday but never got around to it. Yes, we're eating plenty of Asian greens this time of year. And as you can see, the slugs are becoming more active. Some of our greens are now showing signs of slug damage. Upon closer inspection, it is mostly the work of baby slugs. Great. I guess it's breeding season. Time to break out the sluggo again. I'm afraid it might be too late for the Napa cabbage by the time I get back.

The radishes are still tiny but decided to pick a few anyway. Jonathan still loves munching on them straight from the garden. I was afraid that he might have outgrown his taste for this humble veggie. Apparently not.

Finally, I love this Winter Density lettuce. It's sweet, crunchy and perfectly-sized for a single meal. Our lettuce is growing very well this year. The slugs are leaving them alone and the cool weather has kept them mild tasting.


  1. Everything is looking great, especially those radishes. Seems half my radishes always get some king of bug eating them.

  2. Purdy. I just bought slug stuff yesterday for the strawberry beds, I have never used it before and have my fingers crossed it will work.

  3. That is a really pretty head of lettuce. The deepness of the green is very appealing. My radishes are about the same size as yours. I was going to start pulling a few of them to dress up salads this week, but have not gotten to it yet. Our slugs are more active now too.

  4. Your greens look yummy. They will go on my veggie garden list for next spring.

  5. Thomas, what varieties of corn are you going, and have you be satisfied with starting corn inside rather than direct seeding?