Sunday, January 30, 2011

2011 Seed Starting Schedule

I've been meaning to post my seed starting schedule for this year's spring and summer garden. Without much fanfare, here it. I'm sure as time goes on, I will make some adjustments. I'm trying to avoid starting some of my veggies too early this year. Not only is limited indoor growing space an issue but transplanting certain crops when they are overly root-bound can actually set them back. Besides, considering how much snow we've gotten this winter, I'm betting on a colder than usual spring.

A couple of caveats here: The dates that appear in parentheses will be used if the weather pattern this spring appears warmer than usual. Unlike last year, I'll be growing most of my onions from purchased starts. Since onion plants started from seed spend so much time inside, I'm hoping this will free up some indoor growing space. Also I'm starting all of my early spring greens now and will transplant them into the hoop house come early March (I probably should have started my lettuce already). I'm growing only spring greens that can be harvested at any stage of maturity because they will have be cleared out of the hoop house in May to make way for summer peppers, cucumbers and beans.

What's also nice about a having a hoop house this year is that I can harden-off all of my transplants in it. I addition to shielding the plants from high winds and excessive sunlight, the hoop house will also protect against the creeping frost so common in April. The sowing dates here are based a frost free date of May 7th.

Variety Indoor Starting Date Set Out Date Direct Sow
Artichoke - Imperial Star 5-Feb 7-May
Beans - Contender, Dragon's

Beans - Fava

Beans - Envy


Broccoli 5-Mar 16-Apr
Brussel Sprouts 30-Apr 21-May
Cabbage - Napa 5-Mar 5-Mar
Cabbage - Savoy 19-Mar 30-Apr
Carrots - Paris Market, Napoli

Cauliflower 12-Mar 16-Apr
Celery Now 16-Apr
Corn 23-Apr 21-May (14) 21-May (14)
Cucumbers - All Varieties 23-Apr 21-May
Ground Cherry 5-Mar 14-May (7)
Kale 5-Mar 16-Apr
Lettuce Now successive
Leeks 26-Feb 7-May (30-Apr)
Melons - All Varieties 23-Apr 21-May
Peas - Snow and Shell

Peppers - All Varieties 12-Mar 14-May (7)

Scallions Now
Strawberries - Sarian 26-Feb 16-Apr
Swiss Chard 3-Mar 16-Apr
Tomatoes - All Varieties 26-Mar (19) 14-May (7)
Tomatillos 26-Mar (19) 14-May (7)
Watermelon - All Varieties 23-Apr 21-May
Zucchini 23-Apr 21-May

Hoop House
Basil 19-Mar Late April
Cilantro 5-Mar Mid April
Dill 5-Mar Mid April
Fennel 5-Mar Mid April
Oregano 5-Mar Mid April
Parsley 5-Mar Mid April
Sage 5-Mar Mid April
Thai Basil 19-Mar Late April

Spring Veggies
Hoop House
Hakurei Turnips
Early March
Lettuce Now Early March
Mizuna Now Early March
Mini-Nape Cabage Now Early March
Shanghai Bok Choy Now Early March
Spinach Now Early March
Tatsoi Now Early March


  1. Well, it looks like your ready to go! I am planning to start my broccoli and cabbage next week and the cauliflower about a week later. Since I'm in zone 6B and you are in 6 there is about a 2 week difference. I am surprised that you aren't starting them a little sooner. I don't want to wait too long in case we have a terribly hot spring like last year.

  2. Nice! It looks like we are similar on quite a few sow dates, and ALRIGHT.... I'm going to give my artichoke another go LOL, I still have 3 seeds left from last year :)

  3. well, this is neat and tidy! Never thought of doing things so organised but you have inspired me !
    I'm going to give this a go - have to be a bit flexible here in the UK as our island climate is way less predictable, but I'm thinking I could maybe be smart and do it on a spreadsheet, so that somehow I could move the whole thing back a week with one adjustment?
    Hmm ....

  4. It seems like very good seed starting schedule. I also decided to grow my onions from sets. It is just simpler to do it that way and I don't see any difference in quality of the onions.

  5. I will be curious to see if you prefer growing onions from seed versus from sets. I've never grown them from seed, but I've used sets for years and years. I wonder what the main differences are?

  6. I have to get on my schedule as well! I'm starting a container garden this year, just waiting for one last seed catalogue!

  7. Thomas - Thanks for sharing your schedule. Our last frost date is May 10, so I'll be starting seeds the same time. I have already started onions, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, swiss chard, asparagus, and rhubarb seeds. Good luck on your garden. I can't wait to read your posts.

  8. I love this breakdown! Wish I were this organized!!

    Here's to dirty fingers and hands!