Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 Seed Order

I placed the bulk of my seed order for this year back in December and am happy to note that they've all arrived. Now I can focus on drafting my garden plan, updating my sowing dates from last year and sourcing the ingredients for my soil block mix. This year's garden will offer a good mix of new and old. I have a lot of seed left over from last year and from this inventory, I narrowed down which varieties I'll be growing again. The rest will probably be fashioned into seed bombs (I'm sure there's a vacant lot or two nearby that I could raid.)

Anyway, here are some of the new varieties I'm trying this year as well as some 2010 favorites I had to reorder because I neglected to save seed (awful I know):

2011 Seeds 1
Petite Gris de Renne melon - I didn't really care for the Charentais variety I grew summer but decided to give this particular French heirloom a try. The Charentais was very fragrant but I'm hoping that Petite Gris will be sweeter.

Dragon's Tongue beans - I grew these last year. They were very tasty in my opinion and had a texture that held up well when cooked.

Paris Market carrots - Our soil is so heavy that I decided to give this particular variety a try. They have a more spherical shape and I've also read that they can also be grown in pots.

Blacktail Mountain watermelon - I was eying this variety even before I had a garden! Blacktail is an early variety and supposedly does well in cooler climates.

Gold Medal tomato - Seed Savers claims that this is its best tasting bi-colored tomato.

Brandywine (Sudduth's Strain) tomato - I've heard some rather good things about this particular strain. Hopefully it lives up to its reputation!

2011 Seeds 2
Here are some varieties I grew last year that I will be growing again: Windsor fava beans, Green Arrow peas, various beets (including Chioggia), Argent corn, American Flag leeks and Contender beans. Argent is a white corn and one of my favorite vegetables grown last year. Sure they take up a good amount of space and are heavy feeders, but for me it's worth it as the taste of fresh corn eaten within minutes of being picked is a true summertime treat.

2011 Seeds 3
My main seed order this year was placed with Johnny's. In addition to the Envy soybeans, tatsoi, Imperial Star artichokes and Napoli carrots, all of which I've grown before, here are some factoids about the new varieties I'm trying:

Diamant (pickling) and Tasty Jade (Asian) cucumbers - these varieties will produce fruit even on flowers that are not pollinated. Tasty Jade is supposed to be very crispy like most other Asian varieties.

Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper - I'm looking forward to pickling the yellow, orange and red peppers (depending on when you pick them). I liked the pepperoncini I grew last year (and will grow again this year) but Hungarian Wax has thicker flesh and none of the bitterness.

Regiment spinach - I currently grow a variety called "Space". Regiment is supposed to be just as hardy but has larger leaves.

Athena muskmelon - I'm hedging my bets here. I'm growing this more common muskmelon variety just in case I don't like Petite Gris de Renne.

Sarian strawberry - Sarian is a day-neutral variety of strawberry that is easily started from seed and will produce fruit in the first year. You can grow it as an annual by transplanting the runners in the fall.

Snow Crown Cauliflower - My attempt at growing cauliflower last year proved disastrous. I'm hoping that I'll have much better luck with this very early variety (50 days to maturity).

Alcosa savoy cabbage - I will admit I've never really had an interest in growing cabbage, mainly because I've been under the impression that it can be particularly difficult to grow. Well we shall see. Hopefully I'll be able to keep the slugs and caterpillars under control.

Yellow Sunshine watermelon - A yellow flesh variety, I'm growing it just for fun. I remember being utterly fascinated by yellow-fleshed watermelon when I was a child and begging my dad to buy some. I guess that curiosity never really went away.

San Marzano tomato - I'm growing these because everyone else is. :)

I'm working on my seed-starting schedule now and will post it soon. Our first sowing dates are just weeks away! Can you believe it?


  1. I placed my Fedco order too. I'll probably get my seeds in a week or two. Now I just have to get the nursery set up to grow my plants. I haven't done that yet.

  2. Man, you've sure got some different varieties. I've never even heard of those before.

  3. Looks like a great variety. What company is the first batch of seed from? I use Johnny's and Territorial a lot but am always interested in new ones.

  4. Great pictures! Looks like you have a a very good mix of different varieties!

  5. Oh boy, you're ready to go! I didn't use many of my seeds last year, so I'm pretty set. I just need to order things like beans, peas, and greens. And I love the idea of a "seed bomb".

  6. OOOhhh, you're on top of things. I'm still making my list of "to orders" and checking it twice. I got both Charentais and Petite Gris seeds in a swap last year and was excited to try them. I tried some Paris Market carrots last year but they didn't take. I have those Dragon Tongue beans on my list for this year. I've never grown dried beans so it'll be my pet project this year.

    I love the assortment you've selected! You're making me excited about the growing season. I can't wait to start!

  7. How exciting that they've all arrived. All of my stuff this year is coming from Fedco and they just started shipping. Cannot wait for the big delivery!

  8. I'm going to have to re-order .....all my seeds were stored in the potting shed before it went up in flames :(

  9. I'm growing dragon's tounge beans at the moment (for the first time) and think they are just lovely. all your other varieties look great too.

  10. Looks like nice selections! I had pretty good results from Petite Gris. I think the sweetness of them all has alot to do with the season though. Seems they need loads of heat and the perfect amount of water.

    I am trying a Montreal Market Melon this year. Apparently it was world renowned way back when, then went out of cultivation until it was found again recently. If you'd like to try them as well I can pass along some seed.

  11. You have many varieties that I would like to get but no seeds company in Australia have them.

  12. Nice choices. As always, looking forward to seeing how things grow!

    I'll be so glad to get my hands in the dirt again, even if it's just starting seeds!

  13. What an absolutely wonderful selection! Totally awesome!

  14. Just found your garden site. Wowzer, it's amazing. So happy to have found you!

  15. And I thought I ordered my seeds too early. But it seems that it's better to order before the rush.
    I will be starting onions in 2 weeks!

  16. I got my big Territorial Seed order this past week and am waiting for a couple of odds and ends items that I ordered from two other places to have a complete seed inventory for 2011. I ordered the onion seeds from Seeds of Change and am hoping they come soon as next weekend I need to get them started to stay on schedule!

  17. What a good haul of seeds! So exciting. I love your blog, I'm a relatively new follower (I think I started this past fall?) I'm revamping my own garden blog this year! I look forward to reading about your garden and seeing your amazing photographs this coming season, good luck!
    -Kay (My Heart Shaped Garden blog) :)

  18. The new growing season sneaks up on us real fast doesn't it?

    I enjoyed reading your seed list, I like yellow watermelon too- the ones I buy on occasion have a different flavor than the red. They are a special treat!