Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winter Greens

Winter Greens 2
From left to right - Red Altaglobe radishes, claytonia, Winter Density lettuce, mizuna, mache, Little Gem lettuce, Tango lettuce

My winter greens are growing very slowly these days. It generally gets into the upper 50's/low 60's during the days and down into the mid 20's at night in the hoop house. Pretty soon, I will place an inner layer of fabric row cover for some added protection.

Winter Greens 1
I will start harvesting some of these greens inthe next week or two. The mache is definitely ready to be picked.

This winter is already starting out to be much colder than last year. It will be interesting to see how the garden fares during the next couple of months.


  1. Pretty darn awesome and so encouraging to see. So another blanket over them before long for added protection. Great..thank you for sharing that.

  2. Amazing what that hoophouse does, they look great!

  3. Your veggies are looking good! Mine are growing slowly also...but, at least they are growing! I wish I had got them in the ground sooner.

    I see you have some sage and thyme in the one bed. I can usually harvest sage, oregano & thyme through most of the winter. I just dig under the snow and get some. It's amazing how hardy they are.

  4. Gosh!!! I envy your climate!!! Here we have almost one meter of snow...
    Take care and enjoy your lovely crop,

  5. They look so pretty. My green area isn't working out at all. The rock wall freezes the whole bed. The air gets in underneath. So the bed stays frozen all the time. the temps just don't get up in the bed enough to unfreeze things enough.

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  7. Your choice on winter greens is wonderful. They are all holding out great. Mache is definitely ready!
    My brassicas did suffer some frost; I hope it will not be too big damage.

  8. So nice to see a bed of greens this time of year.

  9. Your bed of winter greens look great. The lack of sun length and strength this time of year definitely slows the growth down - even if it were not getting cold at night. But they do grow and the plants that were harvest ready going into the cold dark days of winter will provide good eating until the slow growing items havea chance to reach maturity later.

  10. Nice! I'm in zone 5b and I just ate the last of my cold frame arugula ... if I'd started more, I think I could have harvested it almost until spring.

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