Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Halloween Day Harvest

Pumpkin Carving Party
Ohhhh...the carnage. The other week Marc and I hosted a Pumpkin carving party. I love the folklore surrounding this tradition and in my opinion, Halloween in New England just wouldn't be the same without one or two jack-o'-lanterns.

The weather today was drastically different from the rather balmy Halloween we had last year and this upcoming week is shaping up to be a pretty cold one. I have a feeling that winter will arrive early this year.

Tuscan Kale
Yesterday I pulled up two of my Tuscan kale plants. This is one veggie we have plenty of currently. I have five more in addition to a half bed of Red Russian Kale. I'm looking forward to tasting it as it should be sweeter now that we've a few light frosts already.

French Breakfast Radishes
I also picked the first French Breakfast radishes of the season. I like harvesting them on the smaller side as they tend to be a bit too sharp for my taste when they are left to grow larger.

These leeks were surprising large compared to the ones I picked the other week. They are about an inch and a half in diameter are destined for my soup pot.

broccoli and turnips
Finally, I wonder how much longer our broccoli plants will last. It will be interesting to see how cold-tolerate they truly are.

This week's numbers:

Swiss chard - 0.80 lb
Kale - 4.97 lb
Radishes - 0.25 lb
Leeks - 1.63 lb
Turnips - 0.49 lb
Broccoli - 0.45 lb

Total for this week - 8.59 lb
Total so far this year - 679.13 lb


  1. All you vegetables will taste good in your soup. We have not harvest any of our turnip yet.

  2. I like all of your jack o lanterns! It sounds like you will have enough kale. The Tuscan Kale is a magnificent looking plant. I see that your leeks have grown to a nice size. Mine are nice and big too. Your broccoli is doing really well. I will have envy yours.

  3. Cute jack-o-lanterns. That looks like a good harvest, too. I envy you. I have not been able to grow any vegetables yet.

  4. The pumpkins are cute. Your veggies are beautiful as always. What variety of broccoli is that, and when did you start it? It is beautiful. I'm loving the fall Piracicaba broccoli, but the shoots are tiny in comparison to yours.

  5. Your leeks came out great! I do a pumpkin "painting" party every year for the kids, mostly because there are too many and they are too young to wield knives yet, LOL! They look great! Did Jonathan go trick or treating?

  6. Yeah, any Jonathan pictures? All your veggies are gorgeous as usual!

  7. It's great to see you are still harvesting so much from your garden! Remember if you don't pull out all your kale, it might survive the winter and grow sweet new leaves next spring for your first salad. Your veg are picture perfect.

  8. Looking good. How do you prepare your kale?

  9. I love your jack-o-lanterns. I confess I haven't carved any since my kid left for college. And even though we are closer to the city now and surrounded by two family homes all squished together, I had exactly one trick-or-treater. And she only came because she knew me. Sometimes it is sad living at the end of a dead end street.

  10. Great carvings Thomas!
    I like the look of that Tuscan kale too.
    I picked cooking apples, salad leaves and greenhouse tomatoes yesterday and still have leeks, spinach, chard, savoy cabbage and broccoli to go at!
    Happy eating :D

  11. Great jack-o-lanterns! I especially like the one with the horns. It looks like your autumn garden is nice and productive. I've just started harvesting my Tuscan kale. We've not had any frost but the nights have been cold enough lately to sweeten it up some, it's been delicious.

  12. ahhh new england in the fall... no place better! i miss boston so much... i grew up in colorado and thought the fall was simply wonderful... (it is) but there is something about new england... cant be topped... anywhere... enjoy... (love your blog!) xx pam

  13. thomas everything looks so good, healthy and tasty. Your Nero di Toscana is really beautiful, what a bouquet.

    I like your carvings too.


  14. It looks like you had a blast with the pumpking carving party and ended up with some good looking jack o lanterns in the end as well! The harvest is gorgeous and tasty looking. I am particularly impressed with the amount and diversity you are bringing in so late in the season. Good work!

  15. Lovely carved pumpkins and gorgeous harvest. The turnips look tender and juicy, I could get any kale seeds to start for me this year, don't know why.