Sunday, October 10, 2010

First Frost Warning

Frost warning
There's a frost advisory for our area tonight - the first of the season. (Yikes!) I'm a bit caught off guard by it to be honest. I had it in my head for some reason that we wouldn't get one for a least another couple of weeks. Like last year, I had to work under the glow of our spotlight in order to cover several of my beds with fabric row cover. Part of me thinks that I'm overreacting as most of my fall crops are frost-resistant to a certain degree. However, I decided to play it safe anyway. (Mental note: I should probably harvest the bulk of my basil tomorrow to make pesto.)

I also moved all of my citrus trees to our covered porch. They generally do not require added protection unless the temperature drops below 32 degrees F.

To all of my Eastern Massachusetts gardeners - Slept tight! Hopefully all will be well in the morning!


  1. Frost already? Hope you hunkered down well.

  2. Feel lucky. We had our killing frost nearly a month ago now!

  3. I didn't even notice that it was supposed to get cold last night. When I woke up I was shocked. No frost, but it was in the 30s. I brought out my heavy coat before walking to breakfast. Usually I start paying close attention in the middle of October. It is almost there and frosts this earl aren't unheard of. Usually I get frost at the end of October though.

  4. Hello. Found your blog via blotanical. From where I am I can only imagine the havoc that frost can bring to a garden. I hope your plants are alright.

  5. We should have our first frost sometime over the next couple of weeks, but I certainly feel for ya.