Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Last Harvest of Summer...

...was rather unremarkable. While the slicing tomatoes have slowed way down, I've also allowed myself to take more of a "c'est la vie" approach to picking the cherries. It's just not worth getting stressed out over it, especially this late in the season. The way I see it, we've had our fair share and then some.

Fall Raspberries
I also picked a handful of fall raspberries today. Earlier this year, I planted an everbearing variety called 'Jaclyn', which is supposed to produce a summer crop on the same canes that fruited during the prior autumn. I would highly recommend this variety as the raspberries are rather large and have a wonderfully rich flavor.

Artichokes and Soy Beans
Finally, this is my rather pathetic soybean (edamame) harvest for the year. This veggie has proven to be rather difficult to grow. The insects love the leaves and the rodents love the pods. Next year, I'll have to grow them strictly under row cover if I want to a more substantial harvest.

This week's numbers:

Tomatoes: 11.69 lb
Peppers: 0.23 lb
Artichokes: 0.25 lb
Soybeans: 0.19 lb

Total harvest this week: 12.36 lb
Year to date harvest: 605.89 lb


  1. Thomas, this is the first year I have eaten fresh soybeans bought at the local farmers market... I have purchased seeds to grow them next year. This is why I was so interested in your post tonight...I know so little about this delicious legume.

    Two things the farmer said..."they're all ready at the same time", not like beans or peas to pick as the season progresses.

    He also told me how to eat them the way he liked them...steamed till firm, then put in a bowl, with a squeeze of lemon juice and a good dose of salt..and to the soybean out with your know...back to front)))). Well, I'm won over so I do hope, the critters round here aren't as much as a challenge (as you have experienced). So sorry to read that.. it just might be the strange long growing season we had...and next year will be different. Don't give up okay!!

  2. I just love the Fall raspberries. Mine seem to be sweeter in the Fall.

  3. And more tomatoes...

    I think that most of the fruits are sweeter when lacking water, same is with raspberries, strawberries, even with tomatoes. My raspberries were the sweetest in early summer, when we had few weeks without rain. Now thy are very watery as we are having rain all the time.

  4. Those are big raspberries, wow. We have been enjoying our harvest, but as usual need MORE!

    Too bad about the soybeans, guess it is a good thing I didn't try growing any this year after all. The tomatoes are gorgeous. Crazy as it sounds I ordered a seasonal sald at a tavern the other night- cherry tomatoes, fresh mozz, basil, and LOTS of roasted garlic. It was awesome. My mouth is watering just looking at cherries, looking like the same varieties that was in my salad.

  5. and will ya look at those little artichokes! amazing!

  6. The tomatoes continue to be amazing. How many artichokes have you ended up with?

  7. All the different colors of the tomatoes look so pretty. What kind is the second from the left on the top row. It's got a funny little shape to it. And how's the taste?

  8. Our fall crop of raspberries are getting ready to ripen soon. They are always a treat as they come late in the season when most all the other berries have concluded for the year. Yours look like a particularly nice variety. I grow Heritage which is also a two season producer and like it alot as well.

    Your summer garden harvest has been really good this year Thomas!

  9. I also harvested my last harvest, except for the spinach, the garden is empty, kind of sad.

    Your harvest is colorful and beautiful.


  10. Aw, man...those raspberries look soooo yummy!

  11. Your artichokes and tomatoes look great. You said it was the last summer harvest. Is that because you pulled the tomatoes or because the equinox comes this week?

  12. I hadn't even thought about it, but you are right. It is the last harvest of the summer. I should tell my fall veggies that since it will be time to start picking them.

  13. Nice raspberries! I'll have to check out that variety. I'm with you on cherry tomatoes. Ours have slowed way down, and I'm really quite ok with that!

  14. For your last harvest of the summer, it looks impressive to me!!

  15. I like the greens of the artichoke and the soybeans. Are they really a little "hairy"? How do they taste? I might give them a try next year!

  16. Oh, your raspberries are bigger and prettier than mine, I wonder if they taste better too, although my few have been very tasty. I'll have to see if Jacyln will grow here.

    I had a really difficult time with edamame last year, it turn out to be a bunny magnet and I got nothing. I thought that weather would be the challenge, not enough heat, but never got to test that, the bunnies were too quick to gobble up the plants.

  17. MMMmmm those reapberries look phenomenal. That may be a small harvest for you, but it looks bountiful to me, and beutifully colorful, too!

  18. Nice look raspberries. I always find that there is one (or more) crops that just get the short end of the growing stick. Next year, it's often something else even if I do nothing. Likewise, there is always something that does fabulous one year and lags behind the next. I guess that's why we grow diverse crops.

  19. The Mom - I think I've harvested 7 artichokes so far. Hopefully I can squeeze in a few more before the first frost.

    Cheryl - I think the funny one you are referring to is San Remo Paste. It has very little liquid and would make for a good sauce or stuffing tomato but I don't think I will grow it again.

    balcony/paradise - yes they are a bit hairy. I love steaming the pods and eating the beans right out of them. They are delicious.

    Hi Emily - I haven't pulled the tomatoes yet. I'm thinking I'll wait to do that in early October.