Friday, August 6, 2010

Tomato Heaven

Ripening Sungold Tomatoes
The Sungold tomatoes are producing abundantly these days. I look at this row and think of Christmas.

The season for vine-ripened tomatoes is nearing its prime. Up until now, I've had to harvest most of my low-lying tomatoes before they were fully ripe in order to prevent the field mice from getting to them first. I'm glad to say that this is not an issue with the higher-tiered tomatoes. As a result, I'm learning to be a bit more patient when it comes to harvesting them.

Surprising, only about half of my 40 or so plants are producing a good number of ripe tomatoes these days. Here are photos of a few as are right now, as well as some harvest pics. Enjoy!

Ripening Red Siberian Tomatoes
The low-lying Red Siberian tomatoes are a favorite of the field mice. Luckily, the semi-indeterminate vines produce an abundant amount of fruit.

Ripening Cuor di Bue Tomatoes
I received the seeds for this Cuor di Bue tomato as a gift from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. The tomatoes have an interesting ox-heart shape and meaty interior.

Ripening Cherokee Purple Tomatoes
The Cherokee Purples have displayed a multitude of shades this summer. Oddly enough, some of them have a bronze complexion these days.

Ripening Brandywine Tomatoes
The first Brandywines are beginning to ripen. These are some of the largest tomatoes in the garden.

Ripe Green Zebras
These Green Zebras looked exceptionally yellow when I picked them the other day.

Ripe Cuor Di Bue Tomato
Cuor Di Bue Tomato - Please excuse the tomato pollination-covered hands.

Ripe Cherokee Purple Tomato
A perfectly ripe Cherokee Purple tomato just begging to be consumed.

Ripe Brandywine Tomato
The first vine-ripened Brandywine of the season.

Ripe Clear Pink Early Tomatoes
These Clear Pink Early tomatoes were surprisingly sweet.

Ripe Amish Past Tomato
Finally, my all-around favorite so far this year has to be the Amish Paste. This may very well be the best tasting tomato you can possibly grow.


  1. Wow, all your tomatoes are so large! Nice! And 40 plants, excellent! What's your favorite tomato.

  2. Mmmm...tomatoes! Excellent yields! I'm drooling!

  3. Tomatoes look beautiful! But I'm more impressed with how green and healthy are the plants. Mine are 50% brown and yellow. But they are still flowering.

  4. You're swimming in tomatoes! I'll have to try those paste ones.

  5. That's a lot of tomato plants Thomas. You are going to be very busy!! They are absolutely Beautiful!

    The Green Zebras do look quite yellow. I have never been that found of their flavor. They do add beautiful color to a tomato salad though.

  6. I haven't tasted my Amish Paste yet this year. I hope I agree with you though since they seem to be growing well.

  7. How many Sungold cherries did you plant??? Sheesh.

    The tomatoes look lovely. Amish Paste is surprisinly tasty isn't it? Lovely tomatoes Thomas. , all six thousand of them. ;)

  8. Beautiful tomatoes! I have never seen a Brandywine that color red, they are usually very pink! You have talked me into the Amish Paste for next year, I wanted to try them this year but didn't have the room, I will make sure I do them.

  9. Your tomatoes are far ahead of mine up here. We'll be doing well if we get a couple varietals ripening by frost.

  10. Gorgeous tomato crop Thomas! Brandywines are a favorite of mine but I can no longer grow them since we moved as they take too long to mature and have a slim to none chance of producing in my cool maritime climate here. I do love their taste though. Annie's Granny was very appreciative of the Clear Pink Earlies too - I think I may track down some seed for them and grow some next year based on both of your reviews.

  11. Your garden looks fabulous Thomas!
    I came here looking for a sweet pickle recipe for my cukes, but I'd take a dill one. Going to check out those comments.
    I'm also using your advice on canning - it's my first try at it.
    oh... and I love your new pups!

  12. Ay, the tomatoes look fantastic. I'm suddenly craving spaghetti and meatballs.

    You take some great pictures, as well. Do you take them at a certain time of the day, such as the evening, as the lighting is always so pleasant?

  13. Oh boy, those tomatoes look really good! Thanks for the info on amish paste, i've never heard much feedback about them.

  14. Those tomatoes are beautiful! Your plants look incredibly healthy, mine are full of yellowing leaves. It could be sun exposure that is turning the Cherokee Purples bronze, are the shaded fruits the correct color? It's interesting that the Amish Paste is the best flavored, I usually find paste tomatoes to be rather blah tasting until they are cooked, but then, everyone's idea of the perfect tomato flavor is different.

  15. Yours are gorgeous, mine are mostly still green. If it weren't for the Clear Pink Early, we'd be starving for tomatoes at my house.

  16. I can see you feeding the members of a curated series of garden tours every other week or so. Lunch outside, local produce from feet away..?

  17. Oh just beautiful tomatoes, Thomas!! I just have to look into Amish Paste. I didn't realize that they produced such large fruit.

  18. Yay!! Youe have achieved tomato abundance! Both the tomatoes and plants look great. Enjoy!