Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mid August Harvest - Tomato Madness & the First Artichoke

Mid August Harvest 3
I can't believe we are half way through the month of August already. The summer is just flying by now. Again this week, it was all about the tomatoes - 79.42 pounds to be exact. The harvest is approaching its peak and the vines still look relatively healthy. Does that mean we'll have loads of tomatoes well into the fall?

Not to bore everyone at this point but here is a look at some of the tomatoes we picked this week:

Mid August Tomato Harvest 3
Top left - the first San Remo Paste Tomatoes, the seeds of which were given to me by my blogging friend, Winnie.

Mid August Tomato Harvest 4

Mid August Tomato Harvest 2
Bottom left - the first Anahue tomatoes (again from Winnie).

Mid August Harvest 2
Top - Beautiful and tasty Black from Tula tomatoes. Also, I harvested a second round of Pepperoncini to make more pickles. We went through the first batch in a matter of days. They are so unbelievable tasty. I will definitely have to grow more next year.

Cherry Tomatoes
The cherry tomato vines are exploding with ripe fruit now. Here is a mix of Sungold, Isis Candy, Black Cherry, Dr. Carolyn, Green Grape, Komahana and Couer di Pigeon Juane.

Mid August Tomato Harvest
Luckily, we're harvesting a few things besides tomatoes as well.

Sugar Baby Watermelon
I bit the bullet and picked the first Sugar Baby watermelon of the year. (Results tomorrow!)

First Artichoke of the Season
The first Artichoke and Aunt Ruby's German Green tomato. The artichoke was REALLY tasty! Hopefully we will get a few more before the first frost hits.

Charantais Melon
I also picked the first Charantais melon of the season.

Big Celery Harvest
Finally, I harvested loads of celery in order to free up more garden space for fall veggies. I was going to grow Chinese celery this fall but at this point, I think we'll have enough for the winter.

This week's harvest numbers:

Tomatoes - 79.42 lb
Calabash gourd - 7.32 lb
Artichoke - 0.32 lb
Cucumbers (11) - 5.09 lb
Celery - 5.87 lb
Sugar Baby watermelon - 6.63 lb
Charantais melon - 3.20 lb
Peppers - 1.39 lb
Corn - 0.82 lb
Beans - 0.08 ib
Ground Cherry - 0.15 lb

Total harvest this week - 110.29 lb


  1. Wow! I am so impressed and jealous of your harvest! Totally amazing. That artichoke looks beautiful! How did you cook it?

  2. Hi Thomas,

    This is the most gorgeous collection of tomatoes I've ever seen!

    I have a single charentais melon I'm keeping a close eyeball on.

  3. Beautiful tomato harvest! What are you doing with all of it? Freezing, canning? You must be very busy these days.
    Congratulations on first artichoke!

  4. Wow.How long did it take for you to harvest that lot? How was your 1st sugar baby watermelon? Enjoy.

  5. Wow Thomas - impressive tomato harvest!
    I reckon our tomatoes are going to be at their best next week .....whilst we're away! Our friends will get the benefit of my labours this year! :)

  6. amazing harvest, amazing pictures. Makes my mouth water!

  7. Your one week is like my whole year pound total. Fantastic, Thomas!

  8. I see that you got a huge glut of tomatoes!! They are beautiful! I hope that you got over your fear of canning :)

    Your pepperoncini peppers look great. What variety did you plant and where did you pruchase them? They are my favorite and I am definitely going to plant them next year.

    Keep up the good work!!

  9. So impressive Thomas! The tomatoes are amazing, along with the melons...and an artichoke- woo-hoo!!

  10. Beautiful. The colors are so rich. And I thought I had a lot of tomatoes.

  11. It all looks amazing and I am so totally jealous of your tomato harvest! The artichoke looks like it was a beauty and I hope the watermelon was delicious for you.

    So are you canning or freezing your tomato surplus?

  12. Hey, I have been meaning to ask how the dogs are settling in. Everything going OK?

  13. Unbelievable harvest, Thomas! Man, those tomatoes look good....

  14. You have such a wonderful variety in your harvests. The colors of the tomatoes are amazing. I'm so jealous of that artichoke. It's one of my favorite veggies.

  15. Congrats on the artichoke! And the tomatoes... amazing!

  16. TOMATOES!!! What a wonderful harvest!! Just curious... how many tomato plants do you have to get that kind of harvest?

  17. I'm sitting here chuckling about 80 pounds of tomatoes in one week :) Goodness!

    We tend to get tomatoes until the first frost (or slightly thereafter if we cover the plants for the first early frosts) but after the peak (which we've already experienced), production drops off quite a bit. The last couple of weeks of the tomato plants (end of October for us although one year we harvested the last tomatoes a couple of days before Thanksgiving) tends to be just 2-4 tomatoes a week. And by that time, the plants look pretty bad.

  18. What in the world are you going to do with all those cherry tomatoes? Give them away? Make tomato juice? I've made sauce from cherries and it is so sweet, good for somethings but not so good for others.

  19. Wow, gorgeous harvest, beautiful tomato pictures, you must be very busy in putting up the haul.

  20. Too bad fresh tomatoes don't keep very long - otherwise you could hand these out instead of candy for Halloween!

  21. Thomas all looks great. I am tweeting you. I hope the melons are yummy. Is there anything you DON'T grow?

  22. Jealous. Do you know off the top of your head how much surface area you garden?

  23. Thomas, if I were a vegetable right now, I'd be a bitter melon. What am I saying, jealously has no place in the garden. Congrats on your stellar harvest.

    Here on the west coast, I haven't harvested one tomato yet. And the melon, well, now you're just showing off.

  24. Wow, fantastic! Tomato heaven. I am reveling in those photographs. All those beautiful colors, shapes, and sizes. And melons too. Great job, now you have to get to work in the kitchen. :-)

  25. Another huge tomato harvest! Looks great.

  26. Thanks for you comments everyone!

    MeemsNYC- I just steamed it can ate it with a wedge of lemon and melted but. Delicious!

    Vrtlarica and KitsapFG - Canning AND Freezing. Hopefully we have enough freezer space for plenty of sauce.

    Malay Girl- it makes quite a while to harvest tomatoes. Partly because I planted them rather close. The melons were just ok.

    Robin - I got my pepperoncini seeds from Baker Creek. They didn't list a particular variety name.

    Kelly - the dogs are doing great! I could imagine our lives without them.

    debiclegg - I think I have a little less than 40 plants this year. WAY too much.

    Daphne - I've been giving away a ton of cherry tomatoes. But I think I will start drying the excess as they are rather good that way.

    Kevin - My garden is about 1000 square feet.

  27. Congratulations on growing your first artichoke. My plants are long dead, or at least dormant. New shoots are coming up from the cut stalks now, with promises of more artichokes to come. And 79 lbs of tomatoes. Awesome!

  28. What's your tomato secret? We have the same number of plants and are growing some of the same varieties in the same region, but my harvests, while respectable, haven't been nearly as good.

    Did you enrich the soil a lot before planting?